Letter from Smt Sonia Gandhi, expressing her deep appreciation on the Walk of Hope2015-16 initiative

Letter from Smt Sonia Gandhi, President of the Indian National Congress expressing her deep appreciation on the Walk of Hope 2015-16 initiative.
Dear Sri M, I have been following news of your Walk of Hope Padayatra with admiration. You have all my good wishes and support in this marathon journey of 7,500 km in the cause of communal harmony, non-violence and peace. You and your fellow satyagrahis will surely have an impact on the thousands of people you interact with during the journey which you have undertaken in a true Gandhian spirit. We need selfless activists like you in these polarised times, when our pluralistic, secular culture is threatened. I have warm memories of my meeting with you in November last year. I wish you good health and success in the Walk of Hope, and all your endeavors in the cause of peace, tolerance and harmony throughout our country. Yours sincerely, Sonia Gandhi.

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