Day 90 | 11 April 2015 | Nelamangala to Mahimapura | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

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The padayatra started from Shree Maruti Sai Dham on the national highway on Tumkur Road at the break of dawn—earlier than usual at 5.30 am. The day’s stretch spanned 22 kms to the destination—Kuluvanahalli in Nelamangala Taluk, Bangalore.

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Walk of Hope passed through many small towns and villages today. They travelled on the highway through villages like Arasinakunte, Deganahalli, Visveswarapura, T Begur and then on to Kuluvanahalli village which was a kilometre away from the highway. In contrast to the walks they had in Bangalore, the walk for the last two days has been on the highway and having exited Bangalore, their schedule is gradually returning to what it was before; also the number of the regular walkers has remained steady from Kanyakumari while the numbers increase closer to a city or a town during the weekends. The highways are characteristically noisy, flat and dusty. Being on the highway and still close to Bangalore, finding a quiet place for breakfast or a break is difficult. Factories and warehouses are the most frequent buildings the walkers are able to see. Breakfast was served in a warehouse which also had a small facility for traveling Jain monks. The Karnataka Police have been very hospitable and helpful through these stretches with a couple of refreshment points being hosted by the Police, apart from the ones organized by the volunteers. The small towns, the padayatris pass through, are indistinguishable; they are mostly towns with bus stops and thus have more utility and purpose than aesthetics. The days are becoming hotter, the walk does start early but in time the sun catches up in its fieriest avatar. The temperature at 11 am was above 35 degrees. They reached Kuluvanahalli by 12.30 p.m.—covering about 22 kilometers. At the entry point, a few people from the village accorded a traditional welcome to Sri M and the walkers. Kuluvanahalli is a small village with a school and a primary health centre, a temple with open grounds and all ingredients required for the residents to be locally sufficient. The village is not equipped to handle visitors like the yatris. While arrangements were made for lunch for the yatris in the open grounds under a temporary shelter, they had to be transported about 25 kilometres to Siddaganga Math, Kyatsandra for their stay. After lunch and some rest under a peepal tree, the walkers reached Siddaganga Math by 1.30 p.m. The yatris were accommodated at the Yatri Nivas and they rested for the day. There was no satsang or evening program and they had the rest of the day at their leisure.

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