Day 464| 19 April 2016 | From Pehelwan Dhaba to Police Memorial, Jammu | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • The roof of India inches closer - Jammu
  • Inside Ziarat Sharief Peer Baba Kanju Sahib - Jammu
  • Traditional welcome to Sri M as the padayatra enters Jammu
  • Heavenly bathuras at Kunjwani Byepass - Jammu
  • 5.The-case-of-another-
  • Reception at Police Memorial J & K
  • Paying respects at the Eternal Flame dedicated to the martyrs of J & K Police
  • Speaking to the media at Police Memorial J & K
Today, the padayatris made an emotional journey by KA 51 C 2815, the air-conditioned sleeper bus from Kalika Dham to Pehelwan Dhaba on the outskirts of Jammu. Many did not realize that it could be the last time they would be travelling in this bus, which has, become an integral part of their lives over the last one year!

The Journal Of Hope Archive

Initially intended to be the sleeping facility for the select 30 odd registered padayatris, it was never ever used for that purpose right through the journey, though some of the drivers used to sleep in it. Once the yatra entered Karnataka, since accommodation could not be provided everyday, yatris were ferried to their places of stay in this white-painted beauty. It served as a good mobile hoarding as it had the route map of the Walk and the objectives printed on it. Many bystanders would take a second look as it passed by to read everything printed on it. Even the design of the bus needs a mention as it was customised with charging sockets, reading lamps and convenient storage trays. Yatris would tenaciously cling to their favourite seats and would let go only after a fight. On days they had to travel far, they would board the bus early, waltz on to the upper berths and catch up on their sleep. Everyone, though after initial disciplining, took such good care of the bus that it still looks almost brand new. Some of the unforgettable moments will be the times they had got stuck in narrow roads as this giant could not turn easily, the times when overhead cables would block its way, arguments with toll officials, finding the route with the help of GPS, the men Vs women fights for place on the bus and many, many adventures en route! Some spots within would always be cacophonic with raging debates on politics, spirituality and what not! Leg pulling was always at its best at the farthest end of the bus which was also the bumpiest end. The flags, brochures and mementos also occupied a prominent place here. The very thought that all these are going to be fond memories from tomorrow was painful to everyone. During today's walk Sri M and the yatris visited the Dargah of Peer Baba Kanju Sahib. Though not much information is available on the place, it was serene and quiet. Another important event of the day was at the entrance to Jammu city, when disciples of Baba Shanichar Nathji and Baba Roshan Nathji welcomed Sri M. The walk ended at the Police Memorial, near Jammu Tawi Railway Station. Sri M paid his respects by offering floral tributesto the 'Eternal flame' dedicated to the martyrs of J&K Police. With Sri M travelling to Sivagiri Mutt in Kerala to attend an important function, the padayatris were left with three days for themselves to visit nearby tourist and spiritual places. High on everyone's agenda was a trip to the Vaishno Devi Temple. Jammu itself is a treasure trove of must-see places and the yatris seem to be spoiled for a choice. They reassemble on the 23rd for a Jammu City walk after Sri M returns from Kerala. As the walk ended, all the yatris rushed to unload their belongings from the bus which would be sent for a final service before being sold along with the toilet van, the luggage van and announcement vehicle, all of which played an integral part in the Walk.

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