Day 412 | 27 February 2016 | Day of Rest | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya - Nizamuddin West
  • Inside the dargah of the great saint - Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya - New Delhi
  • At the Dargah of the Sufi poet Amir Khusro - Nizamuddin West
  • Sri M being welcomed at the Dargah of Nizamuddin Auliya - New Delhi
  • It's like coming home inside the old masjid for a chat & chai - Nizamuddin Dargah
  • Nattily dressed for the Music Night - Nehru Park
  • Awaiting the Indian Ocean Band - Nehru Park
  • Addressing the lovers of peace & music - Sri M at the Nehru Park
  • A magical night with Indian Ocean Band at Nehru Park
  • Indian Ocean sets the stage on fire - Nehru Park
  • Sri M shakes a leg at the concert - Nehru Park
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Today was also a rest day for the walkers with only a trip to Nizamuddin Darga lined up for the morning and a music concert by Indian Ocean in the evening. The Walk had already visited Nizamuddin East where the saint lived for long. The Padayatris reached Nizamuddin West by bus and walked to the Dargah. The Dargahs of Nizamuddin Aulia, the 13th-14th century Sufi saint and his illustrious disciple, Amir Khusro, are close together in a courtyard of sorts. Getting there means passing through many labyrinthine lanes. One of the trustees of the Dargah, a 37th generation descendant of Nizamuddin Aulia, is a busy man today. He collected the names of all the visitors to the Dargah and got them recorded in a register. He said that records of visitors have been logged for centuries.

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After visiting the Dargahs of the saint and his poet disciple, everyone sat down to listen to great Qawwalis by seasoned exponents of the art. The 'In charge' of the Dargah ushered all to the hall and spoke endearingly about all that Sufism stood for and about one of its most famous practitioners, Hazrat Nizamuddin. Sri M and the padayatris left after partaking of tea, which had a lingering sweetness and Sufi fragrance to it. The narrow lanes leading to the Dargah are lined with beggars. There are boards asking visitors to be careful about pickpockets. These two things jarred when contrasted with the peace and serenity of this famous mausoleum. Yatris discussed amongst themselves, about ways in which beggars could be rehabilitated at major pilgrim centres, which rake in lots of money. The problem of pickpockets could be solved with CC cameras, they argued. Another delicious lunch, thoughtfully packed with South Indian goodies, awaited the Yatris. Over the last week, organizers have been vying to serve the Yatris choicest of delicacies and the Yatris have not been complaining! In the evening the crowd trickled in to the lush green lawns of Nehru Park for the much-awaited Indian Ocean concert. The RJs of Fever FM Delhi took the stage to introduce the band that was opening the evening - The Manav Ekta Band. The formation of this one-month-old band is quite an unbelievable story. It started with a radio listener calling Fever FM offering to do something for the man who's walked 5000 km for humanity. From there, the one-month-old band with representation from people of different religions came in to existence quite spontaneously, all through the medium of radio. They played a mix of bhajans, rock and self-composition. The last number much to the surprise of all present, saw Sri M's daughter Aisha joining in to sing a Kabir bhajan, 'Dekh Re Jag Borana'. The other interesting thing that happened was that the RJs of competing radio stations Mirchi FM, Big FM, Oye FM and Fever FM shared the same stage for the cause of Manav Ekta. RJ Rahul Makin of Fever FM then introduced Sri M in his characteristic style. Sri M said, "Today so many young people have gathered here for music but I'd like to say that this walk that we're doing is a sort of music. I'm not into pop music; I'm a lover of music. I'm so happy that the message of Walk of Hope will now spread through music." "On the way, we visit schools and colleges. In fact, I'd also like to visit JNU but people won't let me. If possible, I will definitely visit because there needs to be dialogue. We need a peaceful dialogue, because nothing good can come from violence. Both sides need to be prepared for a dialogue. Someone needs to tell this to both sides. I might go there before I leave. This is why we are walking, so the fabric of unity in diversity in India doesn't tear. But we'll need your support for this. I tell people that the future of this country is in your hands. If you don't unite, my entire padayatra is of no use. Also, how is music made? Through swaras, notes, that has different positions, right? Sa re ga ma pa dha ni sa. These notes need to come together. If there's just sa, how can you make music? So, we are all like the different notes of a song that makes a beautiful song of Manav Ekta. I thank Rahul, Sharat and all the RJs who came here." Indian Ocean came on stage to a roaring applause. Nehru Park was now packed with people sitting on the lawns and enjoying the musical Sunday together. Suddenly, mid-way through the concert, Sri M who was sitting on the sofa decided to break the convention and sit with the youth and ended up shaking a leg with them too. An engaging, interactive and musically charged evening came to an end with Indian Ocean's signature track, Kandisa. So did another day at the Walk of Hope.


Arre Ruk Jaa Re

Des Mera Rang

Aalam Aalam

Hille le

Jeeni re Jeeni

Maa Rewa

Nadiyaan hai


Man Kasturi Re


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