Day 4 |15 Jan 2015 | The Walk of Hope 2015 -16

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The Walk of Hope group left Parthasarathy Temple at 5.30 this morning. The start was 30 minutes ahead of schedule as the distance to be covered was more than the previous 3 days. Sri M stayed overnight at Swayamprakash Ashram, the samadhi of Bhramajnaananda Sarvakshi Amma.  He joined the walkers as they passed near the Ashram.  After an hour's walk covering 2.6 kms, the group had a mini-breakfast consisting of a local variety of banana.

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Continuing another 1.5 kms, the group reached Peer Mohammed Appa Dargah at 7.10 a.m.  The Dargah, located in Thuckalay is dedicated to Muslim saint and Tamil poet, Peer Mohammed Sahib.  It was a very poignant moment, as this was one of the places Sri M had traversed in his early days as part of his spiritual journey, also mentioned in the chapter ‘Trial Run’ in his autobiography. The group offered prayers for peace and harmony at the shrine. Peer Mohammed Sahib or Mohammed Appa, born in Tenkasi, wrote many books on philosophy. His poetical magnum opus “Thirunerineedham” was composed in 1594 AD. In yet another poetic work, Bisumikilkuram, the Sufi saint makes it evident that he had realised the full implication of the term “Bismil” from his spiritual mentor, Imam Sadkhatullah Appa (Rali). He is said to have acquired the merit of ‘saram’, the marvelous mystical mastery over ‘The Breath’. Moreover it is believed that the illustrious Sufi saint laid the foundation stone of the famous Padmanabhapuram Fort at Thuckalay, built in 1743 AD. Moving on, the group reached Thiruvithamcode Arappally, the Royal Church, after having walked another 2.2 kms. The Church is also known as the Thomayar Kovil and St. Mary's Orthodox Church. The group offered prayers for peace and harmony at the church. Then, the group had breakfast here. Walk-of-Hope-15-January-2015-4 The historic church, also called Amalagiri church as named by the Chera King Uthiyan Cheralathan, was built by St. Thomas, the Apostle, in 63 AD. The Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church maintains the church. Catholicos of the East and Malankara Metropolitan, Baselios Mar Thoma Didymos I, proclaimed the church as an international St. Thomas pilgrim centre on December 16, 2007. After couple of stops for tea and refreshments hosted by local groups, Sri M stopped at the Tamil Nadu WoH Coordinator, Mr. L N Subhash's house briefly where he was traditionally welcomed with an arathi. At 12.15 pm, after having walked over 12 kms, the group reached the Rotary Club, Marthandam which along with the IMA Building were the halts for men and women respectively. After lunch and rest, the group gathered again for the highlight of the day - the daily satsang.  It started at 6.15 pm with a welcome address by the President of the Rotary Club, Dr. A Devdas. Sri M began his address by thanking the foreigners who had joined the walk and mentioned that walking such long distances everyday was not an easy task. He also expressed the need to spread better awareness about Walk of Hope amongst the locals along the route as he noticed the people's surprise when they saw the padayatra. Sri M further added that he had embarked on the Walk as per his Master, Babaji's wishes. Reiterating the intention of the Walk, he said that it was envisioned to bring about unity amongst humanity.  He said, “The moment a person is labeled through caste, creed or religion, there is division and he is no longer a human being. Whatever religion a person follows, if he is not a peacemaker, then he does not understand religion.” He recollected his Himalayan days where the poorest of the poor would share their food with him. He said, “Fortunes or a person's circumstances may change in an instant - a pauper can turn into a prince and a prince to a pauper.” He spoke with great anguish about the glaring disparity in our country - between the rich and the poor, “Only a change in heart can help bridge the gap. It is important that we bring about change in our own small world if we wish to see change on a larger scale.” He further said, “We will come across a lot of pain during the Walk but we should try to overcome the pain, without letting it affect us. This is The Walk of Hope. People have come to walk together from all over the world and this is only because of the principles that we share. Let this journey be an internal journey; may we move towards tranquility; from jealousy to forgiveness. It is important that we practice any meditation technique that helps us keep the mind calm.” Sri M concluded his address by thanking the Rotary Club and the IMA for their hospitality.Thereafter, Dr. Chandrakant Pandav proposed a vote of thanks. The entire session culminated to the resonating chanting of OM.


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  1. JAYKAKARLA says:

    tks for the wonderful blog.The most important point is that Sir telling that people were surprised to see the walk. So it is very important that coordinators/ Volunteers should ensure passing on the information about the walk atleast a day ahead along the route.

  2. thank you for a detailed write up. lot of interesting information which is not possible to access. we are sure these moments will make an classic memoires in posterity.
    Guruji,we love you and are eagerly waiting to join you all. best wishes.

  3. PRAVEEN K A says:


  4. PRAKASH N BHAT says:


  5. I think the MOST important thing in his talk is the fact that this is a internal walk. May we all bring in Peace within ourselves and use this walk as a meditation. May we be alert and mindful of our own emotions that arise and may we all let it go and rejoice. It is a herculean task both inside and out. Lokah Samastha Sukhino Bhavanthu. May there be peace in all beings on this planet, and also in all the “worlds” inside of us. It should be there first and then it will radiate outwards. That is what I got from Sri M’s message.

  6. This is once in a life time event, a Sait is walking through India to rekindle hope. Namo Narayan and Glory to the Master.

  7. My respects and Pranams to our great Guru,for instigating such a powerful thought in all of us,and may there be peace and unity,undivided throughout India,.Om Sri gurubyo namaha and may every state in India sink in to this glory as our Master walks

  8. Humbled by the Master’s talk

  9. Hari Rebala says:

    Shir Guruobhyna Maha ! Thanks for writing a wonderful blog about walk. Like The Guru said, it is the internal walk. Walking next to the Guru it self transforms us. Blessed are the ones who got opportunity to do

  10. srinivasan chandra shekar says:

    thank you for sending the information EAGER TO JOIN THE GROUP AND WALK ALONG WITH SIR …IN KOLLAM

  11. JAYAKRISHNAN G says:

    pranam guru, praying for geting me a part of the walk when it comes through kanhangad

  12. When you “walk” there is life there is hope. You stop there is despair – end. Sri-Mji is awakening the hope and urging us to live life. I feel he is trying to infuse life – “hope” when the majority is in a state of despondent and loosing hope.

    A saint like the Master can do this.

    Jaya Sri M.

    Namo Narayan

  13. When you “walk” there is life there is hope. You stop there is despair – end. Sri-Mji is awakening the hope and urging us to live life. I feel his efforts will infuse life – “hope” when the majority is in a state of despondent and loosing hope. Persons like him can only do this.

    In the walk I also got a glimpse of the numerous marches the Mahatma has organized to make India free.


    Jaya Sri M.

    Namo Narayan

  14. Really inspiring the word “inner walk”. when we walk outward we are separating ourselves from the truth. the inner walk only will make us to reach the truth. always walking in mind along with the great master.

    pranams to guruji

  15. waiting for Sri M TO COME TO UTTAR PRADESH.We desperately need his blessings.

  16. Sunil Rajan says:

    Hari Om
    Loving the journal!
    Is it possible to arrange a better navigation?
    i.e – once I finish reading say Day 5, if I can go to day 4 or day 6, it would be wonderful.
    The website is otherwise great and the organisation of the walk is absolutely top class!
    The whole team deserves credit – of course all due to masters blessing!
    Keep posting as this is a wonderful way to be connected.

  17. Sri Gurubyoh Namah.

    Many thanks for day4’s blog.

    Blessed are those walking with Guruji.

    What a journey… What a company… What a lead.

    God bless.

    With best regards,

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