Day 384 | 30 January 2016 | From Radhasoami temple, Dayalbagh to Sadar Bazar | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • A merry band played on as the Padayatra marched along Namnir Road - Gwalior Road Agra
  • Sri M and the Padayatris after visiting the Radhasoami Satsang Mandir - Dayalbagh
  • Sri M inside the Mazar-e-Shaheed-e-Salis Dargah of Syed Qazi Nurulla Shustri Agra
  • Explaining the history of Sayed Qazi Nurulla Shustri from Akbar's reign - Mazar-e-Shaheed-e-Salis Agra
  • In front of the Bharat Mata Statue - Diwani Crossing Agra
  • 6.Sad-despite-the-gigantic-smiles-of-the-dolls-she-got-to-play-with!,-Sanjay-Place,-Agra
  • 7.A-patient-wait,-leaning-against-the-ochre-walls!,-Hariparvat,-Agra,-UP
  • 8.Joy-despite-the-penury!-which-mystifies-rich-tourists!,-Namnir-Road,-Agra,-UP
  • Reception outside Panditji's Sarva Mata Mandir - Namnir Road
  • WOH Day 384 - Dayalbagh to Sadar Bazar
  • Reception at Gwalior Road Agra
  • Reception at Sadar Bazar Agra
  • Students of Dayand Bal Mandir join the Padayatra - Gwalior Road
  • Brig Vikas Saini addresses the gathering at Cantonment, Agra
  • Sri M addresses the gathering at Cantonment Agra
  • Brig Vikas Saini pins a medal on Sri M - Cantonment Agra
The padayatra commenced today from Dayalbagh—an area developed over a century by members of the Radhasoami sect. Sri M and the yatris visited the massive marble temple which is being built around the Samadhi of the founder, Shri Shiv Dayal Singh. Once completed, it is sure to be one of the finest specimens of marble architecture in the world. The next important stop was the visit to Mazar-e-Shaheed-e-Salis, the Dargah of Sayyid Qazi Nurullah Shustari. Referred to as Shaheed-e-Salis or the third martyr, Qazi Nurullah Shustari was an eminent jurist in the court of Akbar who was flogged to death as per Jahangir's orders.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

The walk passed many land marks like the Queen Victoria Intermediate College(1897), St John's College(1850), an architectural marvel and the Agra College(1823). Agra seemed another Indian city where the ancient effortlessly blends with the modern. As many yatris noted, it also had the largest number of public toilets seen in the cities visited so far, adding significantly to the comfort levels of the common man. There was a reception at the Sarva Mata Mandir on Namnir road where believers of all faiths could offer worship. Being Martyr's Day, Mahatma Gandhi's death anniversary, homage was paid to the father of the nation. Sri M spoke briefly and said, "I don't want to talk too much because our walk is our talk. Kaam zyada batein kam (Work more and less talk). This is a walk to unite. You won't find another country with such diversity and is still united. This yatra is to maintain this unity. In Agra, it looks like peace is maintained. Our objective is to never let this go away. Nor let any fire to break lose. We need to see ourselves first as human beings and then as Indians." As they walked along Gwalior road, school children from Dayanand Bal Mandir and many young athletes of Agra joined the yatra. The yatra ended at Sadar Bazar in Agra Cantonment with a civic function attended, among others by Brigadier Vikas Saini of the Indian army and the CEO of the Agra Cantonment. The dignitaries on the dais felicitated Sri M and offered full support to his efforts for Manav Ekta. In a touching gesture, Brigadier Saini removed an Armed services pin from his apparel and pinned it on Sri M's jacket. Sri M thanked everyone who helped organise the event and introduced himself. He solved the mystery behind his single syllable name and also stressed on the need for each one present to identify oneself as 'M', a Manav or a human being for peace to be maintained. He then went on to give the details of the yatra, where and when it started, distance covered so far, etc. Speaking further, he said, "The main reason behind undertaking this yatra is my own experience of knowing the all-pervading Ishwara or God resides in all hearts. That's why every human being is referred to as a 'walking temple or a mosque'. One can worship this temple through service, not by performing aratis. Swami Vivekananda said, 'Aatmano Mokshartha Jagat Hitaayacha'. Look for the liberation of your soul but also do good to the world. We are walking with this in mind. I'm not saying anything new. This is part of India's ancient culture.Like Jesus Christ said, this is 'old wine in new bottle', that's all. “Three thousand years ago, it's been said in the Rig Veda, 'Ekam Sat Viprah Bahuda Vadanti'. The truth is one butViprah or wise ones call it by different names. If this was to be said in Arabic, it would be 'ahad' and the Sufis say, it's only One, there is no other. In fact, this exists in every religion. When something unfortunate happens people attribute it to religion, I say it's not because of religion, it's just given the name of religion. No religion wants violence. If you look closely, you'll see it's because of other vested interests. Once a fire breaks loose, it is difficult to douse it. So, what we are saying is, we should never let it happen in the first place. That's why we go to schools and colleges and tell students, the future of India is in your hands. You are the ones who will change this. If we sow the seeds of peace, harmony and unity in your hearts today, we believe that nothing untoward will happen in the future. When one falls sick, the doctor treats the illness. One is either cured or one dies. But prevention is better than cure. And the protection of this country is in the hands of the defence personnel. So if both go hand in hand, I believe that no foreign force can break us. There's no country in the world with 25 languages, so many religions, and still you ask anyone who they are and they'll say they are Indians. Where else will you find this? Every other country has one religion, one language. But we are like a beautiful garden with different flowers. I was very happy to note that Agra has always maintained this peace. This should spread across the world, but first across India. We are human beings, Indians and we must live together." After his address, Sri M introduced to the gathering a select few padayatris who have been accompanying him right from Kanyakumari. The function concluded after observing silence in honour of our martyrs.

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