Day 377 | 23 January 2016 | From Karhal to Asrohi | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Students of Jsin Inter-College Karhal take a sneak peek at the Walk
  • Sri M addressing the students at Jain Inter College Karhal
  • Reception at Jain Inter College
  • 4.We-have-a-bicycle-at-least!,-Karhal,-UP
  • 5.An-early-learner!,-Jalalpur,-Karhal,-UP
  • 6.Camouflage-or-a-matching-sari!,-Jalalpur,-Karjhal,-UP
  • WOH Day 377 - Karhal to Asrohi - UP
Thankfully, the barometer relented and mercury climbed up a few rungs today, enabling the yatris to walk in relative comfort. The walk started at Jain Inter College where Sri Mulayam Singh Yadav, former chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, taught several years back. Before Sri M arrived, the yatris had a rare opportunity to relive their student days as they waited in a classroom. Most had fun, playing the student-role rather well. From there, the yatris joined the school assembly which also had students of two other nearby schools.

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After prayer, the Headmaster of the school welcomed Sri M and the padayatris to the morning function. Sri M thanked everyone who made the function in the school possible. He explained how and why the yatra started in Kanyakumari on the 12th January 2015. He pointed out to the students the wondrous diversity in languages, castes, races, beliefs and religions that has existed in India from time immemorial. Such diversity cannot be seen in any other country as most are culturally, racially and language-wise homogeneous, he said. The unity seen in India over the last millennia despite this diversity, is stunning to say the least. But, there are rare instances when this golden principle is lost and unfortunate incidents happen, incidents difficult to douse and those which act as a drag to our country's progress. Thus, the yatra's purpose is to prevent such incidents, to tell everyone it meets that this is a unifying yatra. Also, to tell people that they are all born of their mothers' wombs and that, they would end up in Mother Earth after death. This being so, there was no need for violence during the short interregnum that was life. He also explained the rationale of selecting 'walk' as the mode of transport of the yatra. This enabled the yatra to be in touch with earth, be grounded and to reach out to villages and villagers. The yatra has been passing on its message to students as much as possible. This was because they were the future of India and great deeds could be done by them in future. The yatra's intention was just to sow the seed of Ekta and communal harmony in their young and receptive minds. Sri M assured all that he had no other objective in mind apart from this. He asked all whether they thought that he was telling the truth, to which they responded positively with a roar. Then, he asked them to spread his message everywhere possible. He wound up the address by explaining why he preferred to be addressed 'Sri M'. A very enthusiastic and vociferous bunch of more than 300 students from three schools joined the yatra. In the Mainpuri district of UP, the yatra passed Karhal, Jabalpur etc before ending up at Asrohi. The local police arranged the reception there and even prepared the garlands for the reception themselves! After tea and snacks, the padayatris returned by bus to the PGI hostel, Saifai where their stay was extended up to the 27th.

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