Day 341 | 18 December 2015 | Nirahar Satyagraha at Tulsidas Ghat | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • WOH Day 341 -Sri M before the commencement of the Nirahar Satyagraha - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Sri M & Mahant Vishwambarnath Mishra share the dais at the beginning of the Satyagraha - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Sri Kantaprasad Mishra on the harmonium and his son on the sitar - Tulsidas Ghat
  • The students of Kashi Vidyapeeth perform a one-act play 'Atankvad ka bhay kab tak?' - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Dance recital on the plight of the Ganga River - Tulsidas Ghat
  • 'It's story-telling time' - Sri M with the students of Aryan Public School Dalims Sunbeam - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Sri M escorts Mr Adama Kieng -UN Special Advisor on Prevention of Genocide to the dais - Tulsidas Ghat
  • The closure of Nirahara Satyagraha - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Sri M ends the fast by taking a sip of lemon juice - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Sri M during his address after ending the fast - Tulsidas Ghat
  • Shri Vishwambarnath Mishra Mahant of Sankat Mochan Foundation with Mr Kieng and Sri M - Tulsidas Ghat
The venue of the Nirahar Satyagraha was truly awe-inspiring. One, it was the place where Goswami Tulsidas wrote the Ramcharitmanas. It will be interesting to note that Tulsidasji is the most quoted among Indian authors, the second most quoted being Kabirdas. Varanasi lays claim to having given birth to both these greats. The second reason why the venue was so eye-catching was its location, overlooking the mighty Ganga with the boats meandering along.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

Sri Vishwambar Nath Mishra, Mahant, Sankat Mochan foundation and Professor, Benaras Hindu University, inaugurated the fast. Sri M drew the attention of the Satyagrahis to the importance of the site where the fast was held, which gave birth to Ramcharitmanas and also has the birth place of the Rani of Jhansi close by. He explained that it would be a water fast and that it would end at 5.00 pm. Sri Kantaprasad Mishra, noted musician from Varanasi, who has been associated with the yaatra (journey) right from Kanyakumari, had arranged a musical feast, featuring many luminaries of the Banaras Gharana. Notable among them were Sri Mohanlal Mishra, Sri Madan Mishra, Sri Gopal Mishra, Sri Kantaprasad himself and several upcoming artists. There were a few programs by students of Varanasi schools as well. The stalwarts of Banaras Gharana cast a spell of musical magic, which greatly reduced the hunger pangs of all assembled. It was also great to see yaatris (travellers) leaving the pandal to gaze at the holy Ganga flowing right below the venue. This was an exercise recommended by Sri M for all those visiting Varanasi. Sri M had a story telling session for the students of Aryan Public School and Sunbeam Dalims School. He told them the 'story of his life' in brief. Varanasi had attracted many visitors. It was good to see them join the Nirahar Satyagraha today. The grandeur of Kashi and the momentum built up by the padyaatra are the obvious reasons for the same. As the musicians ended their program with a flourish, Sri M honored each one of them with a memento. Then, came the time to end the fast. Mr Adama Dieng, United Nations Special Advisor for Prevention of Genocide did so by offering Sri M a cup of lime juice. Sri Vishwambarnath Mishra wished Sri M both health and wealth so that the Walk of Hope could become a success. Mr Dieng expressed happiness for being able to be part of the Nirahar Satyagraha. He mentioned to an appreciative audience that he had also taken an active part in this Satyagraha by fasting all the way during his flight from New York! He also wished Sri M and the padyaatris (travellers on foot) health and strength, so that all of them and he could jointly continue the journey for peace. Dr Shivamurthy Shivacharya Mahaswamiji of Taralabalu Mutt, who had hosted the padyaatris in his Mutt in Chitradurga and had donated each one of them with a pair of shoes, was a surprise Guest on the dais at the end of the fast. He fondly remembered the visit of the padayatris to his Mutt eight months ago and jokingly said that the shoes given by him must surely have worn off. An alumnus of the BHU, he said that, more than coming back to his alma mater after 30 odd years, it was meeting Sri M again that gave him more pleasure. He touched upon the need to keep Ganga and Varanasi clean. Unless people show maturity and responsibility this job cannot be achieved, he said. He said that this required an internal cleansing which Sri M always refers to. He wished Sri M and the padyaatris all success in their inner & outer journeys. Sri M started by telling Mr Dieng that India had 22 languages and hundreds of dialects. He said that despite this, a millennia-old culture of 'Maanav Ekta' (Oneness of humanity) binds us together. He declared that he would not rest till he achieves at least 10% of what he has set out for – bringing all Indians under the umbrella of Maanav Ekta. The padyaatris returned to the hotel after enjoying the refreshments provided by the Sankat Mochan Foundation.

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