Day 330 | 7 December 2015 | From Gambhirapur to Lahangpur | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • WOH Day 330 - Gambhirpur to Lahangpur along the Rewa Road
  • 2.Kids-looking-like-
  • 3.Home-made-sweets-&-savouries-on-their-way!!,-yum,-yum,-Lalganj,-Mirzapur,-UP
  • Just a 100 km walk to Varanasi on the NH 135 - Mirzapur
  • A magnificent ambiance to the Walk - Tulsigav
  • Steely resolve shines through as the Walk ends for the day - Bami
  • 7.Bowl-full-of-rice-&-compound-full-of-dung-fuel!,-Bami,-Mirzapur,-UP
  • 8.Not-a-whirrinng-top,-but-a-device-to-make-rope!!,-Lahangpur,-Mirzapur,-UP
  • Satsang at Lahangpur - the end point for the day
  • Reception at Lahangpur
  • An Aghori's welcome - Baba Kinnaram Ashram
  • Inside the Baba Kinnaram Ashram - Mirzapur
  • Vibhuti-clad, joyful at the Aghori
The yaatra(journey) proceeded on a misty winter morning, making its way to Lalganj where a local trader served the yaatris (travelers) hot jalebis and tea. Having sufficiently warmed up with the cups of tea, the walk commenced and briskly crossed the Basahi River. Locals continued to leave their morning chores to receive a ‘sant’ (A saint) who’s walking through their village. Future cricket champs playing in a neatly marked playground stopped their game to watch the ‘procession in white’ passing by. And little children yelled out the slogan, ‘jhanda ooncha rahe hamara’, which translates to ‘let our flag soar high’.

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After many such formal and informal greetings, the walk stopped for breakfast by the side of a petrolpump and a tea break followed at Bami village. Two young boys between 8-10 years joined the walk, bunking school, walking despite aching bones and getting on the vehicle just before they got too tired. At Lahangpur village, the locals welcomed the padyaatris (travelers on foot) with samosas and sweets. Sri M then spoke to the villagers. Sri M thanked the organisers and the public of Lahangpur for the kind welcome given to AshaYatra (Walk of Hope). He said that the yaatra which was an effort to bring together people, fittingly commenced from Kanyakumari as it was also a ‘sangam’ of three oceans. He jogged public memory about an old Hindi film song ‘chalia mera naam, chalna mera kaam, Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, sabko mera salaam’. The song captures the essence of the Yaatra as the Yaatris walk almost everyday about come rain or shine. Thus, the Yaatra has covered close to 5000 km already in the 11 months since the start. Explaining further Sri M stated, "Right through the walk, we try to impress upon people that we are all humans despite differences in colour, religion, caste, creed etc. All humans are born in their mother's womb and will finally rest in this earth only. This being an irreversible fact, why fight among ourselves during the brief interregnum”. “Our Yaatra's success is not when we reach Srinagar but when you go home and live peacefully. This message should go from Bhaarat as Bhaarat has been the messenger of world peace all along. So, if you can walk with us for sometime, it will add to our success". The people of Lahangpur responded wholeheartedly to this exhortation. On their way back to their place of stay, Sri M and Padayaatris visited the Baba Kinnaram Ashram in Mirzapur. Kinnaram Aghori was a legendary Aghori who lived in Varanasi many years ago. The current Baba at the Ashram smeared Vibhuti on the foreheads of the Padayaatris and distributed Prasad. Sri M apprised the inmates about the rationale behind the Yaatra. The Baba invited the Yatris to a ‘Bhandar’ on the following day and they left the ashram to the place of stay. A press conference followed with Sri M replying to their queries. The prelude to Varanasi is slowly but surely building up.

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