Day 328 | 5 December 2015 | From Hanumana to Bhaisor | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Warm welcome to Sri M at Hanumana on arrival
  • 2.Looked-as-if-all-the-school-children-of-Hanumana-had-turned-up-to-greet-us,-Rewa,-MP
  • Sri M waves to the crowd and the school children at Hanumana
  • 4.Traditional-MP-village-house-with-the-ubiquitous-niches-for-Diyas!!,-Hanumana,-Rewa,-MP
  • Sri M plants a sapling in the premises of the Sait Raghunath Prasad University
  • Sri M being garlanded at the last public function at MP for Walk of Hope
  • Sri M's inspiring address to the students at Hanumana
  • Inside the Parmesan Mahadev Mandapam - Hanumana
  • Near bedlam as the Walk crosses the MP - UP border !
  • The first few meters on UP soil - Bhaisor
  • Sri M's first address on UP soil - Bhaisor
  • Reception at Bhaisor - Balai
  • Reception by the students of Primary School Bhaisor
  • 14.Villagers-of-Bhaisor-overwhelming-Sir-with-garlands-of-love,-Mirzapur,-UP
  • Bowling everyone over with his gregarious smile - Bhaisor
  • 16.The-blue-walls-of-MP-once-again-but-with-beaming-faces-peering-through!!,-Hanumana,-Rewa,-MP
Drums rumbled to welcome Sri Mas he arrived with his wife, Smt. Sunanda, who has been accompanying him for the past few days. It was also a sort of a reunion as a few WOH Jabalpur organizers joined at Hanumana to bid farewell to the Yaatris (travelers) as they left MP.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

As the Walk marched along the crowded streets of Hanumana, students of Saraswati High School, Govt Girls' school, Govt Higher Secondary school etc., lined the streets and cheered the walkers on. This was followed by MP’s last public function at Sait Raghunath Prasad University. Sri Sukhendra Singhji,the local MLA, graced the event. A big gathering of students, public and teachers had assembled. Sri M lit the Lamp of Hope, planted a sapling to commemorate the visit of the Walk of Hope to the University and addressed the gathering. He mentioned that his speech was mainly aimed at students. He explained the objectives of the walk and asked them to keep the message in mind. He also thanked Madhya Pradesh for the many receptions, which proved that the walk had been a success. Talking about why the walk started at Kanyakumari, he said it’s the meeting point of three oceans. He stressed the need to unite India and never let it disintegrate. He closed his speech promising to return to Madhya Pradesh after the walk to meet everyone again. The function soon turned into a thanksgiving ceremony with Dr Brijesh Kumar thanking everyone who made the walk a resounding success in Madhya Pradesh.On behalf of the yaatris, Commodore Ravindranath thanked the team of organisers who made Madhya Pradesh a huge success. Symbolically, Dr Brijesh handed over the whistle to Sri Pankaj Kakkar as a symbolic gesture of handing over duty. The Madhya Pradesh organizing team bid adieu to the yaatris after garlanding Sri M. A feast of of poori, alooand sweets awaited them and were relished by all present. The Walk then proceeded into Uttar Pradesh and was received at Bhaisor Balay Pahar with garlands. The Walk arrived after covering 4800 km in 328 days through the states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat, and Madhya Pradesh. The padyaatra will traverse Uttar Pradesh in 67 days – covering 913 kms through 13 districts of Mirzapur, Varanasi, Sant Ravidas Nagar, Allahabad, Kaushambi, Fatehpur, Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur Dehat, Auraiya, Etawah, Firozabad, Agra and Mathura. The Uttar Pradesh leg will conclude on 11 February 2016. After Uttar Pradesh, the Walk will cover Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and reach Kashmir in April 2016. School children, differently-abled kids and locals joined the walk stopping Sri M repeatedly to take his blessings. The Walk ended and the Padyaatris (travelers on foot) moved to Mirzapur, the place of stay for the next week or so, Daffodils Public School.

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