Day 327 | 4 December 2015 | From Bahuti to Badhaiya | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Traditional welcome at Bahuti - the starting point
  • There were speeches and a short Satsang before setting off - Bahuti
  • 3.Remnants-of-a-dream-house-of-yesterday!,-Tadhar,-Rewa,-MP
  • Floral reception at Patehara -Rewa
  • 5.One-hell-of-a-strong-guy-to-heft-the-yoke-on-his-own,-Patehri,-Rewa,-MP
  • 6.When-the-universe-closes-one-door,-it-opens-another,-Devra,-Rewa,-MP
  • A bunch of flowers from each of the students assembled - Devra
  • 8.A-house-which-gave-off-more-than-a-half-to-NH135,-Rewa,-MP
  • Yet another marigold welcome - Khatkhari
  • Satsang at Govt Girl School Khatkari
  • 11.Getting-used-to-living-by-the-side-of-a-state-of-the-art-highway!!,-Khatkhari,-Rewa,-MP
  • 12.As-the-walk-picks-up-speed,-a-farmer-gets-ready-to-start-his-day
  • A gift of fruits to Sri M
  • 14.Aesthetics-is-an-important-aspect-of-homes-in-MP,-Rewa,-MP
  • 150 km to the Spiritual Ajna Chakra of india - NH 135 - Rewa
  • 16.Satsang-at-Govt-Middle-School,-Badhaiya-as-we-wound-up-the-walk,-Rewa,-MP
The walk started from Bahuti, after a short welcome ceremony. Ms.Mohini Devi Soni, a teacher, rendered a poem she had written the night before, on hearing of Sri M's visit. The poem was on the theme of Maanav Ekta (Oneness of humanity).

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Sri M expressed happiness at the presence of many school children, despite the cold weather. He exhorted them to nurture the seeds of Maanav Ekta which he was sowing today. The NH 135, along which they walked, today looked modern and in good repair. There were many short receptions all long where villagers went out of the way to serve water, tea, fruit and snacks to the Yaatris. Besides the tastefully built and decorated mud houses flanking the sides of roads, stacks of cow dung cakes and cattle are a common feature in MP. The Padyaatris will miss Madhya Pradesh for its untouched landscape, uninhibited people and the heartening hospitality, not to omit the mouth-watering poha and the jalebis. People from all walks joined the walk through the day. At Chauhna, it was young Aroit Pandey who caught the yaatris’ imagination. This young and talented cricketer rued the lack of opportunities on offer for an aspiring cricketer from a small village like Patehra. They urged him to keep working hard and wished him luck. Sri M had two more opportunities to interact with villagers and school children, at Khatkhari and Badhaiya. He made it a point to impress upon them the need to realise our oneness first as human beings and then as Indians. This, he averred, would make our country stronger. It would also enable us, as a country upholding the credo of ‘loka samastha sukhinoh bhavanthu’ for millennia, to spread the message of peace all over the world. It would also bring, like in olden days, seekers of wisdom and truth flocking back to our country. Sri M's announcement that there would be a Satsang in the evening - exclusively for Padayatris, sent most of the yaatris into a tizzy as they had not had a single one since entering Madhya Pradesh! The walk ended at Badhaiya, short of the border village of Hanumana that they will cross tomorrow. They were transported back to Mauganj for the last time as they would be moving to Mirzapur, the following day. The padyaatris had a lovely Satsang with Sri M at the Mauganj Guest house, under a starlit sky. The night would be the last of the Padyaatra in Madhya Pradesh. They cross over to Uttar Pradesh tomorrow.

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