Day 269 | 7 October 2015 | City walk in Ujjain | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • A mere 9 km to the ancient city of Avanti
  • 3.WOH-Day-269,-a-10-K-walk-to-the-City-of-Sri-Mahakaleswar,-Ujjain,-MP
  • 4.A-floral-carpet-so-lush,-one-had-to-wade-through-it,-Ujjain,-MP
  • Minister of Education Sri Paras Jain garlands Sri M - Abhilash Colony
  • Sri Prakash Chitora, former Mayor of Ujjain garlands Sri M
  • MLA Sri Mohan Yadav accompanies the padayatra - Nagesiri
  • A hug of Manav Ekta - Dewas
  • Reception at the Ujjain Polytechnic
  • Tree planting at the Ujjain Polytechnic premises
  • 17.Nattily-dressed-schoolboys-strewing-Sir
  • Father Sebastian of St Mary's Church welcomes Sri M -Marianagar
  • Inside the St mary's Church - Marianagar
  • Sri M garlands the Balinath statue - Ujjain
  • Winsome smiles across generations - Ujjain
  • Sri M inside the Ma Chamunda Mandir
  • 25.In-Ujjain-also-our-Dawoodi-Bora-brothers-turned-up-in-large-numbers-to-meet-the-Padayatra,-Ujjain,-MP
  • 26.Along-Daulatganj,-another-reception-by-School-children,-Ujjain,-MP
  • In prayer, inside the Saint Madar Darga - Madar Gate
  • Satsang at Kalidas Academy
  • Celebrating religious diversity - Kalidas Academy Ujjain
Walk of Hope is in the ancient city of Ujjain. Led by Sri M, the yaatris walked from one end of the city to the Mahakal Jyotirlinga Temple, covering about 10 kilometres. The day also saw many dignitaries joining them, including Minister of Education, Sri Paras Jain; former Mayor of Ujjain, Sri Prakash Chitora; Collector, Sri Kavinddra Kiyavat; and Member of Legislative Assembly, Sri Mohan Yadav.

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Along the way, Sri M and the walkers were greeted and received at the Ujjain Polytechnic College. They had breakfast and Sri M planted a sapling. Their next stop was at the St Mary's Church where Sri M and the padyaatris spent some time. Along the way, Sri M garlanded statue of Sant Balinath. The next stop was at the Saint Madar Darga where people from the Dawoodi Bohra community joined them. Some of them were there with them till the end. Their last stop was at the Maa Chamunda Mandir, where Sri M and the padyaatris offered prayers. The day was truly special. It saw an unprecedented number of receptions throughout the day - 65 to be precise. The 10 Km walk took them 6 hours.The usual time for covering this distance is about 2 to 2.5 hours. As Sri M and the group approached the city, there was one group or another ready to greet them, every 200 meters or so. With each reception, came a deluge of flowers and the road was literally carpeted by them. Many of these people walked along with them – some walked for a few kilometres, some were there till the end. There was also a lot or participation from many school children. In all, atleast 500 to 600 people walked with them today. Sri M’s address at the Kalidas Academy: “Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih Om, May All become Happy, May All be Free from Illness. May All See what is Auspicious, May no one Suffer. Om Peace, Peace, Peace. Loka samasta sukinoh bhavantu May the entire universe be happy” “My namaskaars and salaam to all of you. You have to forgive me for one thing - I am from South India and my Hindi is not as good as Brijesh Sharma ji’s Hindi. My salutations to all the dignitaries on the dais and off the dais. My thanks to all those who are present here.” “First of all, I would like to say that the prayer I chanted right now was in Sanskrit. Whatever language it may be, its message is, ‘let no one be unhappy, let everyone be happy.’ This is the 3000 year old message of the Vedas. I believe that the same message is the essence of all religions, be it Islam, Sikhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and so on. I know through experience that a spark of the Supreme Being resides in the heart of every being.” “It has been said in the Vedas, ‘Isha Vasyam Idam Sarvam’.. there is no place where It is not. A fragment of That resides in the heart of every being. If that is so, then every human being is a moving temple of God. And just as we pray in a temple, just so the service of human beings is also the service of God.” “Oh, I forgot to greet Prahlad Tippaniya ji.” “So, this is my experience and this experience I want to share with everyone. We have been walking only for this. I am not doing this for any political reason, I am old and have no interest. Whatever I have experienced in my (spiritual) heart, I feel like sharing it with people. Like a flower that blossoms and the fragrance spreads all around, in the same way, I want to share this experience. For this, we started from Kanyakumari on 12th January. 12th January is the birth anniversary of Swami Vivekananda. Swami Vivekananda swam across the ocean to the Vivekananda rock and meditated there to find his life’s mission.” “On our way, we have been to Temples, Churches, Mosques, Dargahs, Gurudwara. We have been to each and every place of worship possible. We go there and pray. We have covered 3800 kilometres now. We have walked through Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Gujarat and have reached Madhya Pradesh. I feel that this message can be spread only through a padyaatra. It cannot be done by travelling in vehicles. Yes, one may travel in a vehicle and meet people but when one does a padyaatra, then the essence is completely different.” “We go to villages, we go to small villages. When we go there, we find out what their issues are. When Gandhiji came back from South Africa and met Gopal Krishna Gokhale and said that he wanted to work with him, Gokhale stated that you were in Africa for so many years, you do not know what is happening here, spend time wandering the country and then we will see. So, Gandhiji spent one year travelling the length and breadth of India. He travelled in rail, in car, on foot, on bullock cart - he travelled and saw India as it was. After one year, he understood how India was, what the problems of India were. When he went back, Gokhaleji said, now you are ready.” “There is an expression - down to earth. This padyaatra is like that. That expression means putting your two feet on the ground. We have forgotten how to be on the ground, to walk. What happens then is that when we walk, we understand what the situation is. People say that this is the age of jet planes, why are you walking? Someone even said that you are mad to do this. With sweetness, there is some bitterness also. As has been said in The Bhagavad Gita, Tulya Ninda stutir Mauni (In praise or condemnation, the yogi remains equipoised) - you do your work without thinking about what people are saying.” “When I went to Ralegan Siddhi and shared this with Anna Hazare ji, he said something very nice. He said only a mad man can do any work. Like that, we are walking. As I said, we have done 3800 Km. It is our aim to reach Srinagar in April 2016. In the terminology of our Nath Tradition, Kanyakumari is Moolaadhaara (root chakra), Madhya Pradesh is the Hridaya (Heart), Srinagar is the Sahasraara (Crown chakra). We will proceed from the Mahakaal Nagri.” “As I told you, the only message is Maanav Ekta (One Humanity) and Peace. If you look at any Satsang, how does it end - it ends with Om Shaanti Shaanti Shaanti. When you go to a temple, you get prasaad there. If you look that word up in a Sanskrit dictionary,the word means peace. When two Muslim brothers meet, what do they say to each other – Salaam ailekum - may peace be upon you. The Jews call salaam, shalom, it means the same thing. And what happens there? War and violence.” “The Sikhs say Wahe Guru, they say Sat Nam Shri Wahe Guru - the name of the ‘Truth’ is Wahe Guru. In Vedas, it is said, Ekam Sat viprah bahuda vadanti - the Truth is one and the wise know it by different names. We want to take this message across India. Why? Because India is a nation that has welcomed people from all over the world. It has sheltered everyone irrespective of who they are - whether they run away from their country, from war and violence, from persecution. They have come here and they continue coming here. It is not that they were kept apart, they were embraced and they lived as one of us. I feel that this embrace should always be there.” “In The Bhagavad Gita, in chapter 12 - Bhakti yoga - Arjuna asks Lord Krishna who is the greatest yogi. Lord Krishna says that the one who thinks of the welfare of all living beings is the greatest yogi. This is nothing new, this is in India’s ethos. Like us, there was a parivraajaka (a wanderer). Two thousand years ago, he said ‘Foxes have dens and birds of the air have nests, but the Son of Man has no place to lay his head.’ His greatest message was one of peace. His teachings are very difficult to follow, ‘Bless them that curse you, do good to them, that hate you’. It is a difficult thing to do. Only a Yogi can do that. If we can do even 2% of that then there will be peace in this world.” “As was said in the Rig Vedas, ‘Samgchhadhwam Samvadadhwam Sam Vo Manasi Jaanatam’, we are walking together with our minds put together and we are attempting to understand That. Why are people not coming together? No matter what religion one comes from, no matter what the ideology one has - in Kerala, there are Communists who do not believe in God. I tell them what you believe is upto you, but understand that human beings are one. There is no need of violence. In Jainism, it has been said thousands of years ago, Ahimsa Paramo Dharma (Non-violence is the ultimate duty).” “We are all born of a mothers’ womb and we all go into this earth when this life is over, so what is the need of all the violence and drama? Swami Vivekananda, quoting from the Upanishads, said Atmano Mokshaartham jagat hitaaya cha- think of the liberation of the soul and the welfare of the world at the same time, one can progress only then. Why does violence happen? It happens because of our ego. When we were starting out from Kanyakumari, the Minister of Roads told me that the place where we started from is Zero Point. It is good to think that we are zero. We are nothing, the ego should be reduced. The one whose mind is empty, whose mind is zero has the reflection of the Lord.” “I will tell you a story about this. The padyaatris have heard this many times and they will have to listen to this once again. We heard this from a Swamiji in Karnataka. He was from the Lingayat sect and we stayed at his ashram. We were having a private padayaatri-only satsang and he came and sat with us. I asked him why have you come but he insisted on staying, he said he wanted to attend the Satsang. After the Satsang, I asked him if he wanted to say anything and he shared this story with us.” “Once there was a great sculptor, he made very beautiful sculptures. One day, he was called to a temple to make some sculptures. The priest of the temple was a great astrologer. Looking at the sculptor he said that you are going to die soon, your time of death is fast approaching. The sculptor said that maybe so, but you are a great astrologer, is there any way to evade death? The priest said that you are a good sculptor, go back to your workshop and make replicas of yourself and stand between them. When the Yama-dhoota comes - they come on buffalos and are a little weak in the intellect department - they will not be able to identify which one is the original, which one is the duplicate.” “So, they came and they could not find out who the sculptor was and the time of death passed. When the time passes, one can do nothing. They went back to Yama, the Lord of Death, and stated what had happened. Yama said it is okay, his time will come again soon, he will do the same thing, get him the next time. The Yama-dhootas asked him how will they get him if he does the same thing again. Yama said, you have not studied human beings very well, when you go there just praise the statues.” “So the time came once more and the Yama-dhootas started appreciating the statues. They said - what a great statue this is, how lifelike these eyes are, we are not able to know which is original, who could make such a beautiful sculpture, and so on. The sculptor could not stand it for very long. After 5 minutes, he said, I made it. When this ‘I’ comes in between, then philosophy, religion, all that goes to waste. Man becomes an animal because of it sometimes.” “There is a story about Guru Nanak. In Ber Sahib, he was working as a store keeper for the Nawab and it was his duty to distribute provisions to the people. On his first day, he was distributing provision and he was counting - one, two, and so on. When he came to thirteen (‘tera’ in Hindi, meaning yours), he felt that nothing was his and he just gave away all the provisions like that. This is the experience of the Yogi. When service is there, there should be no ego. I am not saying that we should be like that, but we should render some service to human beings.” “I shared a story with the Qazi just now when we were at the Dargah. One day, Nabi Mohammad was sitting and talking with people in Mecca when a dead body of a Jew went by. He got up and paid respects. When others asked him why he did that, since it was only a Jew. He responded by asking if a Jew was not a human being!” “Please keep these things in your mind and heart. Please think about these things. If there have been mistakes, it is time to forgive and move forward. We have to work together for a better and stronger India. The message of peace and harmony will go from here, it has to go from here. The world is looking at us.” “There used to be a time when people from all over the world came to India to attain knowledge. There were great centres of learning, there was Nalanda, there was Takshashila. Now, we go to Harvard. That is fine. If one has to go, one has to go. We go because our own systems are not fine. I believe that if we work together ,then a time will come when people will once again come to India to attain knowledge.” “It is my prayer that you walk with us. I know that you cannot physically walk with us, you have work to do. But please keep these things in your mind and when you pray, pray for us too, pray for our success. Pray for our yaatra.” “Thank you, Namaskaar and Salaam. Wahe Guru.”

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