Day 252 | 20 September 2015 | Day of Rest in Dahod | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Sri MA Gandhi, IAS, Collector of Dahod greets Sri M at the Swami Vivekananda Sankul, Dahod
  • Lilting bhajans before Sri M's satsang at Swami Vivekananda Sankul, Dahod
  • Satsang at the Swami Vivekananda Sankul, Dahod
  • Sri M during the last satsang of the Walk of Hope in Gujarat at Dahod
The padayatris rested in the morning today. The City Walk was scheduled for tomorrow and Sri M had a press conference during the day when representatives of a number of TV channels and the print media, had an interaction with him.

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In the evening, the padayatris gathered for Satsang at the Swami Vivekananda Sankul, Dahod. Here, Sri M.A Gandhi, the Collector of Dahod city, greeted Sri M and started the event. There was a cultural performance and two troupes of artistes performed - one was a tribal group of Bhajan singers, and another was a group of school girls with a dance and music performance. Following this, there was a Satsang. Sri M addressed the gathering of about 700 people. “Om Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinah Sarve Santu Nir-Aamayaah Sarve Bhadraanni Pashyantu Maa Kashcid-Duhkha-Bhaag-Bhavet Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih Om, May All become Happy, May All be Free from Illness. May All See what is Auspicious, May no one Suffer. Om Peace, Peace, Peace. Loka samasta sukinoh bhavantu May the entire universe be happy” “My salutations to all of you - the District Collector, brothers and sisters, and my dear padayatris. My namaskars and salaams! We set out on this padayatra for Manav Ekta on 12th January. As we reached Dahod, we completed half our journey; this is a turning point. So, we have done about 3800 Km. We still have to cover 4000 Km. We will reach our destination in April 2016, that is our aim. With God's grace, we will reach. Till now the grace is there, so we have reached here. Every day on an average, we have walked 20 Km. Some days we have even walked 35 kilometers. In more recent days, the average has been around 18 Km per day. We do not stop, even if it rains or it is very hot. However, there are days of rest, like today but all other days, we walk.” “This padayatra is not for any political aim; it is for humanity. This is my message - in the heart of every human being resides a spark of the Supreme Being. This is my experience! This spark is called the Atman, it is called the Noor, it is called by many, many names. With this life and light, a human being goes about doing his work. If this spark is there in every being - be it a man or a woman, be he dark or fair skinned - then every being is a walking, moving temple or a masjid. Just as we worship in a temple, do ibadat in a mosque and pray in a church, just so, the worship of the Supreme Being within one's heart is the service of human beings. Only by service can one progress spiritually. There is nothing greater than the service of human beings.” “It is said in Vedanta, Atmano Mokshartha, jagat hitaya cha - you should think of your liberation while working for the welfare of the world. With this message, we have been walking. The message of Peace and Oneness is nothing new in India. When we end any Satsang, we say Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.The same thing is said when a shloka or a mantra ends in a Veda or a Upanishad. You go to a temple and get prasad from there. If you look at the meaning of the word prasad in a Sanskrit dictionary, it means 'peace’. This is nothing new in India.” “But, sometimes, as you can see these days, we forget this. Why we forget this, how we forget this - leave that alone. This Yatra is to remind people not to forget that we are all One. If anyone says that you are different, tell them that we are all born of the mother’s womb, there is no one who drops from the skies, and one day we will go back into this earth. So, in this time in between on this earth, why this violence? We have been walking only to talk about this.” “I give you my assurance that I will not stand for any election. When there is violence, then the pain and suffering in one's home is the same as the pain and suffering in another's home. As the preventive medicine is taken before a disease can occur, this Yatra too is a preventive measure. When a seed is sown, then it does not become a tree in a day or two - it takes some time. We go from village to village with this seed. It is my dream that this will become a great tree. This message of peace is nothing new to India. Under this great tree, many, many will sit in peace. When the wind blows, then the fragrance of Peace, Oneness and Humanity will spread all around.” “Yes, there is pain while walking but if one has a passion for something, it can be done. Why a padayatra? Because, only by walking can we meet people. Otherwise, we go in a car and do not really see the place. I had been to many places in Gujarat by car, not this place though. I did not even know that there was a village by the name of 'Dahod'. When one walks - then one meets people, sits with them, talks with them, shares food with them.” “We went to Godhra before this. Some people told me the history of Godhra. I found that they want to move forward, they want to forget it and move forward. Yes, whatever happened has happened, but we have to move forward. We do not have to fan the fires anymore. In the press conference today, someone asked me - he is a good photographer - whether it is good to go to places where there has been violence but why have you come to Dahod? I told him that it is a preventive measure.” “We want to say to people that if anyone comes to you and says to you that you are different, then do not believe him. Tell him that we are all human beings and we are One. If peace and harmony is maintained, then there will be peace and India will become strong. This message of Oneness has to go from India. There was an age when people used to come here to attain Knowledge; there was Takshashila, and there was Nalanda. It is my dream that people will come once more to India to attain knowledge. I know that these young people are listening to what I am saying.Wherever we go, people join us. Sometimes, there have been more than a thousand of us walking down the road. Students join us from schools, people join us from work. People from all communities walk with us, we welcome everyone with open arms, we say to them this is your nation, come, Walk.” “When two Muslim brothers meet, what do they say? They say Salaam which means peace. When two Jews meet, they say Shalom which also means peace and we use the word Shanti everywhere. Different people can have different religions but no one can say that we are not human beings. All of us have two eyes, two ears and so on. That is why I say to them ‘do not forget this’. Keep your faith, but do not forget that you are a human being. There are people in India who do not believe in God, there are Communists, I say to them - there are many in Kerala - that it is fine, have your belief, but do not trouble others.” “We sit here in peace and look how nice the environment is! If there was violence, would it be the same? It has been said in the Jain religion thousands of years ago - Ahimsa Paramo Dharma i.e. non violence is the greatest thing. Keep this in your mind and walk with us. It will be good for everyone. This is our message. I know that all of you cannot walk with us but if you think that this work is good, then support us with your minds and hearts and I will feel that you are walking with us. This does not mean that you should not walk with us, please walk with us in the city tomorrow. If you cannot walk with us, then stay with us in your minds. When you pray, then pray for us too. Pray that our Yatra be successful, pray that India becomes strong and there is peace and harmony between people. We will leave this place soon; we will go next to Jhabua in Madhya Pradesh. But do not forget that someone came here who spoke about these things.” “Before I conclude this, I want to clarify one thing. Many people ask me what the name Sri M means, what kind of a name is this? I was born in a Muslim family in Trivandrum, Kerala, and the name that my parents gave me when I was born was Mumtaz Ali Khan. When I reached 10th standard, I dropped the Khan. When I was 19 years old, then I felt attracted to snow clad peaks of the Himalayas. Now, note that there is no snow in Kerala, so why did I think of it? There might have been some past impressions. Something was happening within that I didn’t know. It is a different matter...” “At 19 years of age, I went to the Himalayas, I went to Badri and met my guru, Maheswarnath Babaji and after three-and-a-half years he told me to go back and work. He told me to wear normal clothes, to get a job and to marry when the time comes. I am like any of you - I am married, I am not a swami, I am a householder like you. Yes, there has been some change inside. When one lives with this change, then life is lived differently. Babaji gave me the name Madhukarnath, when he initiated me. This is because you get a name when you are initiated in the Nath Tradition. He used to call me 'Madhu', no one has called me with such love.He was my brother, father, mother, sister, friend, all rolled into one.” “So, many years passed by and people started asking me what my name was. I thought for quite some time. I felt that I should take a name which is not of any religion and set on the name M. What does the letter M mean? M is the first letter of the word Manav i.e. human being; in Sanskrit it is Manushya where ‘Ma’ is the first letter. I prefer to call myself a Manav - a human being than anything else. Hearing the letter ‘Ma’, one may think that one is referring to a woman, so the English educated started calling me Mister M. But I did not like that very much and the name Sri M came about.” “It is my personal experience that all human beings in this world are One and are not different. Their shapes and forms may be different but they are not different. I started with the shlokas, Sarve Bhavantu Sukhinaha and Loka Samasta sukhinoh bhavantu. This means may the entire universe be happy. This is my prayer.” “I do not want to say anymore. I thank you that you invited me here and treated us very well. In Gujarat, they take Athithi devo bhava very seriously, so my weight has increased a little.” “Dhanyavaad and Salaam.” The day ended with this milestone as it was the last Satsang in Gujarat before the Walk enters the borders of Madhya Pradesh.

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