Day 248 | 16 September 2015 | City Walk in Godhra | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Sri M offers tributes to the statue of Sri BR Ambedkar at Circuit House Godhra
  • WOH Day 248 - the City Walk in Godhra with the Dist Collector and the Superintendent of Police joining in - Godhra
  • 3.The-Electoral-Officer-also-echoes-our-sentiments-on-relegious-harmony!!,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • Sri M garlands the statue of Sardar Vallabhai Patel at the Municipal Hospital Junction - Godhra
  • 5.The-city-walk-took-us-past-some-of-the-heritage-buildings-of-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • 6.Acknowledging-the-wave-of-the-common-man!!,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • 7.This-pretty-family-seems-to-be-reaching-out-to-us!!,-Station-Road,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • Sri M cannot resist a hot cuppa at the old Bus Terminus Road - Godhra
  • 9.Exchanging-pleasantries-over-a-cup-of-piping-hot-tea!!,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • Reception at Station Road Godhra
  • A press meet along with the District officials - Godhra
  • 12.Yes,-they-also-have-dreams-of-a-more-peaceful-&-united-India,-Station-Road,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • 'Talking as he walks' - Godhra
  • Reception at the old Bus Terminus Road - Godhra
  • One of the many 'temptations' on old bus Terminus road - Godhra
  • 16.The-indomitable-spirit-of-India,-Godhra,-Gujarat
  • Passing the Sai Baba Mandir - Godhra
  • Sri M's address at the Nehru Park - Godhra
Walk of Hope is in Godhra city today. The short walk through the city saw participation from all - major and minor communities of the city. The day started with garlanding of Sardar Patel statue at Civil Hospital Junction in Godhra. Since it was a short 3 km walk, it started at 8.00 am, much later than the usual 5.30 am. This also gave the padayatris extra time to sleep and go through their morning routine at leisure.

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The walk passed through narrow streets of Godhra along the Station Road and old Bus Stand road where different communities live in close proximity, divided only by their shop walls. Many local dignitaries joined the walk along with the Superintendent of Police and the Collector of Godhra. Sri M was received by varied communities with garlands and good wishes. The walk stopped briefly at Rang Avadhoot Maharaja Samadhi and later at Nehru Park. Flanked by Ram Sagar and Sita Sagar lakes on either side, and the statue of Vivekananda in the middle, Nehru Park had an idyllic setting for the brief address that followed. “My namaskars and salaam to all the dignitaries, the press and media present here. I thank you for giving us such a warm welcome which I will never forget. I say that I will never forget this welcome because people have such wrong notions. People ask us where we are going, and when we say we are going to Godhra, they say ‘Oh Oh’. What I see is very different. I am stating the truth. This is a perception a person has. But the reality is something very different. People have moved ahead putting behind them the mistakes that had occurred in the past. This is very good news. We need to move ahead from here and live together, as one humanity, with peace and harmony across Godhra. This applies to the whole world too – Loka samasta sukinoh bhavantu but since we are in Godhra, I am saying it here. This is my view. Keeping this in mind, I request all of you not to forget that we are human beings. If somebody tries to make you forget this, with folded hands, tell them, ‘Brother, we are living happily. We don’t need this advice.’ This is what should be done.” “I say this because I can only see faces reflecting happiness and peace, both officers and the public. I pray that this peaceful setting is maintained. With this prayer, I would like to proceed from here. In another day or two, we will be walking towards Madhya Pradesh.” “Such a beautiful place has been chosen here for this Walk for Communal Harmony – We have Ram Sagar on one side and Sita Sagar on the other and I also saw the statue of Swami Vivekananda. This is such a beautiful place – I should say that this park has been made very well. Such a place is absolutely necessary. All of you should come here in the mornings and walk a little and breathe in this fresh air. There is no movement of vehicles here. There are water bodies. You can sit peacefully and meditate or have a chat with friends. I also understand there is a laughter club here from many years. I would like to see people laughing, not now please!” (Loud laughter from the audience) “I will not say anything more. We have a program tomorrow evening too. It will be really good if you can all come. Now, we will proceed.” “Dhanyavad, Thank you, Salaam and Good Day.”

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