Day 210 | 9 August 2015 | Sutharpada to Kaprada | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Warm and cosy next to a home-lit fire - Sutharpada
  • Nature seems to be competing in overwhelming our senses with beauty - Tetbari
  • 3.Along-a-green,-well-irrigated-countryside,-Tetbari,-Valsad,-Gujarat
  • The 'monopoly' in retreading tyres - Chavsara
  • 5.Yes,-he-will-grow-up-to-be-a-fine-lad-in-the--days-to-come,-Chavsara,-Valsad,-Gujarat
  • Robust dwellings that are a hallmark of the region - Valsad
  • Shades of Europe in Gujarat - Hatichavsara
  • Rain, as usual, played hide and seek - Valsad
  • 9.Surprised-and-curious,-children-of-Hatichavsara,-Valsaad,-Gujarat
  • A human pyramid gymnastic display by students of Radhasoami Satsang Beas School-Kaprada, Valsad
  • Sri M lauds another stunning feat by the boys - Kaprada, Valsad
  • Sri M in Satsang with the children and teachers of the school in Kaprada-Valsad
  • Planting a sapling in the school premises - Kaprada
It was another short day for Walk of Hope, wherein it covered 18 Kilometers from Sutrapada and reached Kaprada quite early. The forest reserve, they have been passing through for the last few days, is nearing it’s end. So, the yatris met more and more people as the padayatra passed through Tetbari, Chavsara and Hatichavsara before reaching its destination.

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After walking for days through hills covered with dense foliage and crystal clear rivers, the walk is progressin gthrough plains with even denser greens, but muddy streams and many animals. Only the rain remained the same. They reached Kaprada around 11.00 am and were greeted on arrival by about 500 school children, teachers and locals who welcomed Sri M and the padayatris with a dance performance. The short dance, set to drum rhythms, was an acrobatic feat and had everyone gasping at the expertise of the little children. This dance troupe was clearly loved by all as everyone watched with rapt attention and encouraged them with effusive clapping! The five-minute sequence touched everyone’s heart. Sri M addressed the audience thus: “My namaskars to all of you - the students, the principal, the teachers and everyone else. I do not know Gujarati, if anyone asks me ‘Khem Cho’, I say ‘Maja ma’, that’s all I know. I will speak in Hindi.” “We have come walking from Kanyakumari to your school. This is not a rathayatra; this is a padayatra. Many of you may know that Swami Vivekananda’s birthday anniversary is on 12th January and we started on this day. We started from Kanyakumari because it is the sangam of three oceans - Indian Ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea. Now we have entered Gujarat. We have covered more than 3300 Kilometers. The average is 20 to 25 kilometers a day, today it is a little less.” “I have been walking from there - not only me but there are many who are with me - there are some who have been walking with me from Kanyakumari itself. Now, 5500 Kilometers are left. We will reach Srinagar in April 2016.” “Why are we walking?” “When we came here we saw a program. I wanted to see the girl’s program also but it seems there is no time, so there was only the boy’s program. It was such a beautiful program; I felt that if they keep on doing something beautiful everyday, in the future they would be very strong and beautiful citizens of India. And when you did that program, we did not see any individuals, we did not know anyone’s name - you may know that - we did not know who belonged to which religion, what your ideology is, where you come from; all we saw is that they are human beings, they are children in a school.” “We want to tell everyone that you are first a human being, you may belong to any religion, or faith, or have a differing ideology, or belong to this party or that party but you are a human being first. Many people say that we know this. And I know that you know it but sometimes this is forgotten.” “You know how it is, when everything is going well then it is all fine.But, suddenly, violence breaks out. Mothers, sisters, brothers, fathers, elders who are in your home are there in the other’s home also. The pain that is felt in your home is also felt in the other’s home. This is forgotten sometimes. Our only aim in this walk is to not let people forget that they are human beings first; they may do anything, come from anywhere, follow anything but this should not be forgotten - you are a human being first.” “A child is born and if it is adopted and goes to a different home, they may name it Akbar, or Anthony, or Amar, who knows. But it remains a human being.” “This is India’s ancient culture. We want to remind India of its legacy. I feel that if everyone understands this - that we are all human beings and that we are all one - then I truly believe that again a day will come when people from all over the world will come to India for knowledge. This is not new knowledge; Nalanda was there when Harvard was not. So, a new India, a strong India will emerge.” “The message of peace, of harmony and of oneness has to emerge from India. We walk for this. Walking is not easy, sometimes there is pain, sometimes there is fever, sometimes we are very tired, yet we walk on. It rains, yet we walk. When the sun is blistering, we walk. Why are we walking? There is inspiration, that’s why. I have full confidence that we will complete this yatra in April 2016 in Srinagar.” “I have only one prayer, do not forget that someone came and said these things to you. Do not let this be forgotten. Go home and share these things with your parents, share them with your brothers and sisters, with your friends, talk to your neighbours about it. India will become peaceful and strong. This is all I want to say to you.” “We have to plant three trees now. I feel that planting trees is the best thing one can do. When one walks and the feet touch the ground, the seeds of peace and harmony fall on the ground. Rain will fall and a day will come - I don’t know when, maybe in 10 or 20 or 30 years - when the seeds will turn into magnificent trees; these trees will bear flowers and the fragrance it emanates will be that of peace and harmony.” “I thank the Principal for organizing this program. I thank the coordinators of Gujarat who organised such a beautiful program. I am very happy that the first place we have come to in Gujarat is a school. You are the future, the citizens of India and I am sure that what has been planted will become a strong and beautiful tree one day. That is all.” “When we came to Gujarat, our prime minister called us and welcomed us to Gujarat. He conveyed his best wishes for the 7500 km padayatra in the coming days.I am happy to have reached Gujarat and am looking forward to the days of our journey through the land of Mahatma Gandhi—the apostle of peace and non-violence who is the inspiration for our padayatra.” “Thank you.” “Namaskar.” Following his address, Sri M planted saplings in the school premises.

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