Day 191 | 21 July 2015 | Rahuri to Kolhar | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • WOH Day 191 - Heavens opened up just before the Walk began - Rahuri
  • 2.A-wayside-puddle-reflects-an-inexorable-&-noble-journey-of-191-days,-Ganegav,-Ahmadnagar,-Maharashtra
  • 22 kilometers to go and the lure of Sri Sainath is palpable - Kolhar
  • Civic reception after crossing the bridge over Pravarya to Kolhar
  • 5.Lord-Jesus-is-her-saviour,-one-of-the-rare-Christian-households-on-our-way-today!!,-Guhe,-Ahmadnagar,-Maharashtra
  • Traditional welcome near Kolhar
  • Another magnificent peta for Sri M, enroute
  • Along the streets of Kolha, Ahmednagar
  • The attire is striking enough - Bhagavatipur
  • The magnificent quartet of Bhagavatis - Kolhar
  • Sri M in a natty turban, in the company of the deities - Kolhar
  • Satsang inside the Bhagvatipur Mandir - Kolhar
A dark overcast sky greeted the padayatris as they started their walk today. And predictably, the skies opened up and for the first time, the walkers had an opportunity to try out their raingear. For the next two hours, it poured while they marched! They stopped at the five-kilometer mark for tea and then the ten-kilometer mark for breakfast, both by the wayside.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

They reached Kolhar by 11.00 am, and Sri M visited the Bhagawatipur temple where he offered his prayers. The deity of the temple, Bhagawati, like in the rest of the rural regions of India, is the Mother Goddess who protects the village from epidemics and anything negative. Sri M was received with a traditional welcome and civic reception where they were led by a musical band for the rest of the way. They stopped for a while at the temple where Sri M spoke to the gathering briefly. This was a fairly large temple and seemed to attract a fairly large number of devotees. “Loka samasta sukhinoh bhavantu – May the entire universe be happy!” “I do not know everyone’s name. My namaskars to all of you. I will not speak much because after walking we get tired. This padayatra, as you have heard, started on 12th January. 12th January is the birthday of Swami Vivekananda. We started on this day because Swami Vivekananda sat on the rock in Kanyakumari and visualized what he had to do. Kanyakumari is also a Sangam of three oceans - Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea.” “This Manav Ekta Mission is nothing different, it is the same, it is the coming together of people. It's message is to not let people forget that we are all the same. They call me M because above all, I am a human being. All human beings are born from the womb and go into the womb of the earth, why do we have to give pain to another in this circus in between? If you see the news today - there is so much of violence!” “As has been said in the Jain Religion - Ahimsa Paramo Dharma. 3000 years ago it was cited in the Vedas, Ekam Sat viprah bahuda vadanti. There can be different ideologies, different religions, different views; one maybe Hindu or Muslim, Brahmin or Kshatriy! But do not forget that first of all, we are human beings. This is nothing new, this was said thousands of years ago. I know that you know this but sometimes we forget. Our message is only this – let us not forget that we are human beings. If you live together, India will be strong. If we want India to be strong, there is no other way but to live together!” “I know very well that someone from this nation considers himself or herself an Indian first. He may be Mumtaz Ali or Madhukarnath. Sometimes in anger, sometimes in selfishness, this is forgotten. This is my experience that the all pervading Supreme Being sits in the heart of every being. When Maheshwarnath Babaji kept his hand on my head, then I understood this. Be it a man or a woman, this Supreme Being sits in the heart of every being. If it is so then every person is a moving temple. Just like we go to temple and worship there, like that this human being should be treated as a temple too. Every person is a Jyotirling, this is my experience.” “We have completed close to 3000 kilometres. We have walked through small villages. When these feet touch the earth then these seeds are planted in the ground. Many years from now, a great tree will grow here and the fragrance of peace and harmony will be enjoyed by everyone. Please remember that someone came here and spoke about these things. We still have to cover another 5000 kms because only in April 2016, we will reach Srinagar. With God's Grace, we will reach there.” “I want to say to you that I know that you cannot all walk with us but please walk with us in your minds - we will consider this as your support . We are walking to tell you, to share this message with you. If this message reaches your heart then this padayatra is successful. We are now going to Shirdi. There once sat a great saint there who people called God. He used to say Allah Malik Hai, sometimes he used to say Ram Ram, who knew who He was! We have come to your place, this place is called Kolhar. Near Bangalore there is a Kolar and there they have gold mines. It is my prayer that may your minds be like gold. With this I end now. I thank you all that you welcomed us here.” “Dhanyawad, Namaskaar aur Salaam.” “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”. The walkers reached their halting point and soon after, retired for the day.

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