Day 173| 3 July 2015 | Day of Rest in Pune | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • WOH Day 173 was dedicated to cleaning the banks of Mutha River-Pune
  • Sri M with the padayatris after the Mutha River Cleanathon -Pune
  • The padayatris, together with the Municipality collected & removed 320 kg of garbage - Pune
  • Sri M at the reception hosted by the Satsang Foundation for Defence Personnel, Pune
Walk of Hope is in Pune and today was yet another day of rest for the padayatris. There were two major events during the day. The morning saw Pune Municipality and Walk of Hope join hands for a cleaning drive on the banks of the river Mutha. Armed with large plastic vats, gloves, masks and other cleaning paraphernalia, the padayatris set out in groups of threes in different directions. It took them - a group of 200 - about two hours to clean a kilometer. Mostly,they picked trash and deposited it in the bins.

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It is a sad thing that in a city, that calls itself modern, the river is filthy and reeks badly. The banks have become dumping grounds and people toss trash without a second thought. There are many people who read the news in the dailies about rivers are being polluted and spout angry words about how the authorities, industries and other people pollute their surroundings. But is the average Indian aware of the ‘use and throw’ lifestyle he has adopted without sparing a thought to what it can do to the environment he is living in. Has he moved so far away from the roots of traditional recycling that have always been a part of the Indian ethos? It’s so easy to blame ‘the other’ when one is blissfully unaware of one’s own actions and continues to litter so carelessly. Even after 65 years of independence, the average Indian citizen has not felt the need to be a part of the system and act responsibly. The padayatris, close to six months into the Walk, have worked with many nodal agencies till now in the various districts and have found the authorities always responsive. They are doing their jobs; of course it’s not perfect but am ‘I’ perfect is a question to ask? The hypocrisy in society becomes conspicuous if one starts looking into the mirror. If ‘I’, the average Indian, changes for the better, ‘society’ is transformed. It’s only then that one can move towards a better nation. The padayatris managed to collect acolossal 300 kgs of litter within a short span of time, as per the report from the Pune Municipal Council! After this, the yatris proceeded towards an old age home where breakfast was arranged. After some rest, they gathered again in the evening at the Maha Sainik Lawns near the National War Memorial. There was a large gathering of senior defence personnel, about a hundred or so. They were from all branches - army, navy and the air force. Sri M and the padayatris interacted with them over tea. But, before that, he addressed the gathering. “We will start with a Guru Stuti which is a prostration to my master before I start “Brahmaanandam Parama-Sukhadam Kevalam Jnaana-Muurtim Dvandva-Atiitam Gagana-Sadrsham Tat-Tvam-Asy[i]-Aadi-Lakssyam | Ekam Nityam Vimalam-Acalam Sarva-Dhii Saakssi-Bhuutam Bhaava-Atiitam Tri-Gunna-Rahitam Sad Gurum-Tam Namaami (Salutations to the Satguru) Who is the Bliss of Brahman, Who is the Bestower of Supreme Joy, Who is the Absolute, Who is the Embodiment of Knowledge,Who is Beyond Duality, Who is Boundless and Infinite Like the Sky, Who is Indicated by Maha Vakyas Like Tat-Tvam-Asi (That-Thou-Art). Who is One without the Second, Who is Eternal, Who is Stainless and Pure, Who is Immovable, Who is the Witness of the Intelligence of All Beings, Who is Beyond the States of the Mind, Who is Free from the Three Gunas; Salutations to that Satguru.” “So, friends, Namaskaar and Salaam.” “I know that I am sitting before a distinguished group of people who have served the nation. I know that you are also the top rung of the armed forces, the best of the best. The very fact that someone would decide that one would serve the nation is great and is very inspiring. My good friend Commodore Ravindranath said many things about me. Actually, there is no need to call me Sri M. You can call me just M. Let me introduce myself first.” “First, people call me M because I prefer to be called M. M means Manushya, Manav - human. In English, they call me Mister M but that sounds a bit funny. That’s because Mister M sounds like James Bond’s boss. In India, people call me Sri M with respect. Now, there is another reason why M is my name. When I was born, my parents named me Mumtaz Ali Khan, I cannot deny that either. Then, when my guru, Maheswarnath Babaji initiated me into the Nath Tradition - I am from this tradition - I was given the name Madhukarnath. That way also, there is an M. And, my guru, Maheshwarnath Babaji was also M.” “In Maharashtra, the Nath Tradition is very well known. The great Dnaneshwar is a Nath; his guru was Gahininath, was also a Nath.” “As far as this padayatra is concerned, it is my inner spiritual experience that a spark of the all-pervading Supreme Being resides in the heart as the antaryami, in essence the Supreme Being itself. It is that spark which is behind our consciousness. Since everyone carries in him or her a spark of the Supreme Reality, I believe that every human being is a walking temple. We should not forget that every human being is a walking, moving, talking, and thinking temple of God. They are all the same. We cannot really distinguish between anyone.” So, it is this that has got us to start the walk. More than three thousand years ago, the Vedas declared Ekam sat, viprah bahuda vadanti - there is only one truth but the wise call it by different names. We all know this. In the armed forces, I am sure that nobody distinguishes. I have gone to some of the army stations and I have seen what you call ‘Sarva-Dharma Sthala’. Of course when the enemy attacks, you put your lives at risk and defend the nation, that is a different matter.” “Still every person is first and foremost a human being. We forget this sometimes because of greed, anger, vested interests, politics and many other reasons. How is it that we are going to protect this nation? This is an ancient land where peace and goodwill and harmony have been stressed. To keep this nation integrated and strong, we should not forget that we are all human beings first. Our walk is to remind people of these things.” “If there are differences, that is okay. You can sit across a table and sort it out through dialogue; there is no need for violence. We are on the walk to say this to people. We have completed 2700 Kilometers - this is not a ratha yatra - this is a padayatra and we have been walking. And, this has no political overtones. There is only one reason - the fact that we are all citizens of this great nation first. Therefore, to keep this nation together, we have set out on this walk. While you work on the outside, protecting this country, our work is on the inside, protecting the heart, so that there maybe no violence in the heart. There is no other aim. Neither am I going to stand for elections representing some political party. If I wanted to do that, I would have done that in my college days. There are other people to play that role.” “We have covered 2700 Kilometers and reached Maharashtra. There is another 5000 Kilometers to go before we reach Kashmir. As I said, this is my experience, it is my belief, it is my faith that from time immemorial, this nation has been the spiritual teacher of the whole world. Things are moving in the right direction and in time, India will become teacher to the world once more. It will take several years but I think that is possible. For that, we - each and every citizen - should live without consideration of caste and creed. If that happens, each and every one of us would be contributing in our own way. This is really important.” “Now, we will go towards Kashmir and we did not know how to do that because of the threat of terrorism. Now, we have met the army. We had a meeting today and General Zaki was present. The army has agreed to help us in Kashmir. Believe me Sir, no matter what the danger, we will walk onwards to Srinagar.” “I request all of you, even if you cannot walk with us, be with us in your mind. If you can walk for one hour, for two hours, for a day, we will consider it a wonderful thing. If you cannot walk, then please keep us in your mind and pray for us, I know that many of you have work. I do not want to say anything more. This is not a Satsang, so we will not touch on spiritual aspects.” “So, thank you very much.” “Namaskaar and Salaam.” “Jai Hind!”

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  1. jagathpathi kypa says:

    Great message from Sri M Guruji and very inspiring. The swatch abhiyaan was also commendable.

    I was at Alandi with an intention to particapate the walk from Alandi to Phulgaon on 7th July. Huge vaarkari crowd started assembling. Could get the glimplse of real unbeatable devotion of the villagers. Could get the darshan at the Gnaneshwar samadhi temple. As I learnt that route of the Pada Yatra got changed, returned to Mumbai on 8th.

    wanted to know the revised schedule onroute Nashik as early as it is possible. If a cell number of core member participating the Walk is made known, it would be of great help

    jagathpathi 9322159386

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