Day 152 | 12 June 2015 | Mohol to Pennur | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Keen interest in the objectives of Walk of Hope - Tambole, Mohol
  • 'Curd-maids' on their way - Tambole, Mohol
  • Crafty use of pomegranate twigs for insulation - Pokhrapur, Solapur
  • 'Keen & Curious' - Pokhrapur
  • WoH day 152 - A 20 km walk is a laugh for the padayatris now - Khavni, Solapur
  • An entire family watches the Walk trudge past - Khavni, Solapur
  • Local reception at breakfast point - Khavni, Solapur
  • Master-weaver at work - Khavni, Solapur
  • "Yes, I finished the mango you gave me, what next?", the toddler seem to ask Sri M - Khavni, Solapur
    9.Yes,-I-finished-the-mango-you-gave-me,-what-next!,-the-baby-seems-to-ask-Sri M,-Khavni,-Solapur,-Maharashtra
  • One more kilometer to go today - Pandarpur, Solapur
  • Heaps of Kumkum await the devotees - Solarpur
Leaving at the usual time of 5.30 am, Walk of Hope walked from Mohol to Pennur—a distance of twenty kilometers. The road they walked on was a narrow two-lane state highway and the traffic was almost non-existent, and when vehicles did appear, they went past in great speed. The bus-drivers and truck-drivers on the highway seem to be expert race drivers; they drive fast through obstacles so common on Indian roads; past dangers of farm animals, pedestrians and children; perpetual pot holes and oncoming automobiles! There was shade on the roadside but that was not sufficient to provide cover over the heads of the walkers as they proceeded further.

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Continuing their walk towards Pandharpur and touching the villages of Tambole, Pokharapur and Khavani, the padayatris covered the distance in about six hours. The contrast of lush green and the terrain windswept barrenness comprising rocky dunes continued. An occasional rugged tree and rather incongruous radio towers addressing the modern need for communication completed the scenario. The strong winds in these areas were a blessing that made the going easy despite the hot sun. The weather has been quite pleasant for the last few days, having rained the day before and monsoon seems to be catching up. The walkers passed through areas with farms and many homes. People looked on at the motley group in white with wonder and curiosity even though they must have seen Varkaris on this route quite often. But then the padayatra for Hope has its distinct flavour in its composition - varied nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds and modes of dressing. The rural setting was replete with women carrying large earthen and metallic containers of water and curd, or bundles of firewood. Men were seen drinking tea, working with farm animals or on their way to the farms, while children ambled about. As the day progressed, it was as if a movie was being screened – different cast, different backgrounds; but with the underlying texture of life with farms, animals and scenes of daily chores; A movie about people living while making a living - a rugged life, devoid of frills of a city life. There was a small reception at the breakfast point. Sri M and the padayatris were greeted by a group of about forty people and all of them joined the yatris. After breakfast, the yatra stopped every now and then and reached Pennur half an hour after noon. Within half an hour, the yatris were transported to the Bhakta Niwas at Pandharpur, to their resting place and later had lunch that was mostly composed of dishes taken while observing fasts. Today was an auspicious day; Ekadasi, the eleventh lunar day of the shukla (bright) or krishna (dark) paksha (fortnight) of every lunar month in the Hindu calendar. It is considered to be a spiritually beneficial day and is usually observed by a partial or complete fast and is considered congenial for Sadhana. The Yatris relaxed with no other programs scheduled for rest of the day.

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