Day 140| 31 May 2015 | Sangola to Andhalgaon | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • 1.Supremely-endowed-oxen,-a-feature-of-this-region!,-Solapur,-Maharashtra
  • Children will be children, frisky, impish & spontaneous, Miraj-Solapur Road, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Ah! water, the elixir of life, Vadhegav, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • The puddle makes us hopeful of another rain, Sangol, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Team WOH powers on, fortified after a break, Sangol Solapur Road, Maharashtra
  • Hardly equipped to face the forces of nature, Sangol-Solapur Road, Maharashtra
  • Bridge across the parched Man river, Solapur, Maharashtra
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  • Team-Maharashtra under the ebullient Sri Deepak Khadke with Sri M (ML4), ML1 - Anand Ghole, ML2-Shivam, StndL1-Vijay, StndL2-Aditya, StndL3Shekar, StndL4-Ajinkya, Sit-L1Sujay, SitL2-Amol, SitL3-Priya
Walk of Hope left Sangola city today for Andhalgaon. The19-kilometre padayatra took the yatris about 7 hours. Walking in the hot sun, they reached the destination a few minutes past 12 noon. Crossing the river Manganga, the padayatra touched the villages of Malwadi, Burli and Vadehgaon before reaching the halting point.

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Sangola is a dusty city at the crossroads of many major highways. It seems to have been built out of necessity with small hotels and lodges that seem to have mushroomed to serve passing wayfarers. At least, this was the view the padayatris had of what they saw of the town. Dust and diesel fumes hung in the air with the background sound of buses, trains and passenger jeeps. The oppressive heat of the sun is absorbed and radiated at night by the buildings but the residents seem to sleep amongst all this with relative ease. The people of this town gave a warm welcome to the padyatris yesterday. Today, the yatris left the city early in the morning when the town was still in a state of slumber. Since they stayed on the outskirts of the town, they were out of city limits in about an hour. On the way out, they crossed the Manganga river again as it marks the border of the city. Since the summer heat has taken over, padyatris have a similar routine. They wake up between 3.00 am and 4.00am in the morning, finish their morning rituals as fast as possible, pack hastily, lug their belongings to the luggage van and have some tea or coffee (or both quickly!)- all this before 5.00 am.With the walk starting usually at 5.30 am, they walk for an hour or an hour and an half, before having a tea break. Breakfast stop is another hour after this tea break. Then, the going gets really difficult as the sun comes up. After this, the yatris stop every half an hour or every forty-five minutes for a short break and march on to the halting point. The average distance covered in a day these days is 20 kilometres. Reaching the resting point, which is usually not that far from the halting point, yatris have to 'download' their luggage from the luggage van, unpack quickly and make a dash for the bathrooms, which are few in number. A shower is the most coveted thing by the padayatris at in that moment. After a shower, there is lunch followed by a sweet slumber for an hour or two. If there is a Satsang in the evening, they gather, attend the Satsang, have dinner and retire. When there is no Satsang, they catch up with sleep or laundry. There seems to be no time and energy for anything else, as the yatris’ needs have been reduced to the absolute basic. Following the same pattern, they reached the village of Vadehgaon today, where breakfast was served outside, in an open field. Walking for three hours more, the padyatris passed through a landscape of vast, barren fields; where an occasional deserted farm or hut, apart from a lone farmer with his oxen, are a rare sight. They reached the halting point a few minutes past noon followed by a rather late lunch. Since there was no Satsang in the evening, they rested for the day after lunch. Off days and half days are a necessity because the yatris need time to recuperate after the tiring walk in the relentless heat- day after day. The temperature averages 40 to 42 degrees and, for the next few weeks, it is going to be more challenging, as the recorded temperature in the nearby city of Solapur was hovering around 40 degrees, even after 4.00 pm.

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