Day 138 | 29 May 2015 |From Udanwadi to Sangola| The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • The slightly intimidating landscape which stares at the walkers in these parts, Miraj-Pandharpur Road, Maharastra
  • The ancient Sukacharya Temple near Kuchi, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • One of the caves next to the Sukacharaya temple ideal for meditation, Kuchi, Sangali, Maharashtra
  • Peacocks abound the area near the Sukacharya temple near Kuchi, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • Man and cattle- a bond lasting millenia, Solarpur, Maharashtra
  • The Padayatris coped with the shooting temperature admirably well, Udanwadi to Sangol, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • The vision of the rulers of yore, who planted hundreds of Banyan trees along the road is laudable, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Bonny baby and Mom- A sight for sore eyes, Kamalpur, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Thank God! The mud plastering must be helping this child stay coolin the sweltering heat, Kamalapur, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Queuing up to hog the Chef's yummy Vada Pavs, Batambare, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • Thatched roof, mud walls, great protection against the summer sun, Batambare, Solapur, Maharashtra
  • The dried up Korda river will get a brand new bridge shortly, Sangol, Solapur, Maharashtra
Leaving the Kendriya Niwas School, the walkers left the village of Udanwadi for Sangola. They are currently in the district borders between Sangli and Solapur now. Today’s route was dotted with banyan trees; mostly due to the foresight of people from an era when walking was the main mode of transportation, the trees providing much required shade from the smoldering heat.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

The rain gods visited the previous night and the morning was fairly cool, thus making it easy for the yatris up to breakfast. A local host’s farm house was the spot for breakfast today where they were served steaming hot batata vadas with pav, the desi reply to a burger! They enjoyed it in a rustic farm, seated under the cool shade of trees with cows and buffaloes looking on. Breakfast was a protracted one for over an hour. It was very hot and, with every passing hour,the walk became progressively difficult. They walked fast at an average of about 4 kilometers an hour. Generally, it is the stops on the way that adds to the time rather than the walk itself. But, these short breaks for water or rest for a few minutes rejuvenates them and have become a necessity. Now and then, they encounter majestic banyan trees, forming canopies over the road making the road look like a passage under a huge archway. This part of the road has a few trees which became the preferred ‘watering hole’ for the yatris and a respite from the hot sun for 10 minutes every hour or so. The road being the Varkari route from Kolhapur to Pandharpur explains the presence of shade-providing trees. These trees are the shelter for many a varkari, providing shade for cooking and resting. The walkers crossed the Manganga River today. As long as there is water, naturally or otherwise, channeled through canals and such, they see an abundance of green. These areas are well known for growing paddy, corn and fruits - primarily, grapes and pomegranate. It also shows the importance of water, which tends to be taken for granted when it flows at the turn of a tap! Green prosperity manifesting as fields with better homes is evident in the presence of water; while where this important element is not visible, the land looks barren and dry with hazel grass and weeds that wave to and fro in the breeze. Strong gusts of wind blow dust now and then. Sometimes, a high plateau with a flat top make an appearance while sometimes, it is just rocks all around. This sort of a landscape looks bleak, especially with the sun beating down mercilessly – another day of lethargic walk on an empty highway! Covering a distance of 21 kilometers, the padayatra passed a couple of small hamlets that did not seem to have a name! They reached Sangola– and stopped at the lodging housesthat will be their halt for the next couple of days. Glad to have reached, the walkers settled in two separate lodges. The lodging houses seemed luxurious in relation to the accommodation they had yesterday. Lunch was a lengthy tasty affair with bajre ki roti, palak paneer and a couple of varieties of pulses. The padayatris tucked in their fill and rested. In the afternoon, there were unexpected torrential showers that lasted for about an hour and then, there were intermittent showers well into the night. There was no Satsang today and the yatris were content with the rest. Tomorrow being a rest day, they loosened up a bit and relaxed into the night.


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