Day 136 | 27 May 2015 | From Kuchi to Tippehalli | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Narrow yet heavily wooded Miraj-Pandharpur road welcomed the Padayatris on Day 136, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • Weaving our way through heavy truck traffic, Miraj Pandharpur Road, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • 'Natkhat', mischievous as any of his age can be, Shlokvadi, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • Banyan trees of various sizes and shapes were a common sight today, Miraj Pandharpur Road, Maharashtra
  • A tableau against the backdrop of the rising sun and a few wisps of clouds, Miraj Pandharpur Road, Maharashtra
  • 'Devineyards!!, with a peacock sitting smugly in the foreground, Nagaj, Sangli, Maharashtra
  • 7.-Walk-of-Hope-in-Maharashtra
  • 8.-Walk-of-Hope-in-Maharashtra
Walk of Hope left Kuchi in the early hours and reached Tippehalli by noon. Covering a distance of 22 kilometers in about six and a half hours, the padayatra passed through the villages of Agalgaon and Nagaj before reaching its destination. The walk through the vast, desolate and semi-barren lands was a routine one.

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The padayatra, these days, is no child's play. Without faith in oneself, without a certain level of physical fitness and a mental fortitude, one cannot last through it even for a couple of days. In these semi-arid lands, it is a tough task to even last a full day’s walk. Every morning, we have been setting out in cool conditions but as the day progresses, the heat is savage. There are not more than hundred of us these days and most padayatris are drained and tired than ever before. Almost every day, our breakfast spots are quite unusual—either it is out in the open in the midst of nothing, where road and rocky land stretch in all directions for miles and miles, or some ancient, dilapidated building. Today, it was served in an old government school. The morning’s breakfast left most of the padayatris asking for more as it was the first time they were served authentic ‘sabudana kichdi’, a popular snack in this part of India. There is much in this land that creates a mirage like effect; the manicured green grape vineyards make the landscape look cooler even though the thermometer approaches 40 degrees. As the walk proceeded, it passed a small coconut plantation, quite unexpected in this part of India. Just around then, a small boy from the village came running to offer one tender coconut. It is these simple acts of generosity observed almost every day that makes the walk such a unique experience. The walkers reached in Tippehalli at the touch of noon and after arriving there, the yatris soon moved to their place of stay. After lunch, they rested for some time; the resting place being the same house where the padayatris had stayed the previous night. With little time on hand in the afternoon, some of the padayatris walked around the village only to stumble across an old Shiva temple, a small Hanuman temple, a Devi temple and a quaint little hamlet lost in time. They explored these places for a while before it was time to meet Sri M for a private Satsang. Sri M was staying at the Government Guest House of Mahankal. The Satsang lasted for more than an hour after which the yatris returned to their place of stay. After dinner, the tired yatris were quick to retire for the night.

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