Day 125 | 16 May 2015 | From Kagal to Kolhapur | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Sri M starts off Day 125 in immaculate Maharashtra gear, Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Waiting to cross over from Karnataka to Maharashtra, Kagal, Kolhapur, Karnataka
  • A Maharashtrian tea-stall on the wayside, Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • A very hearty discussion over tea at breakfast point, Jain Temple, Kaneriwadi, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • The front banner in its Maharashtrian Avatar!, Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Garlands galore for Sri M as we cross
  • Sri M gazes at the first cloudless sky in a week, Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • 8.
  • Magnificent turbans, a hallmark of rural Maharashtra, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Sri M pacifies a distraught youngster, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Couple of kilometers into Maharashtra, distinct changes in dressing styles are visible, Kagal, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Traditional welcome at the Sri Kunthunath Goutham Labdhi Babeswar ViharDham, Kaneriwadi, Kolhapur, Karnataka)
  • Sri M sporting an ornate turban inside the Jain Mandir, Kaneriwadi, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
  • Sri M offering Arathi at the Jain Mandir, Kaneriwadi, Kolhapur, Maharashtra
The walkers were taken to yesterday’s starting point – the entry point into Maharashtra, Kagal. About 40 people had gathered there already to join the Walk. Around 130 people initiated their journey at day-break into Maharashtra. Sri M and the group of walkers from Kanyakumari have now covered three states of the eleven planned, walking 2100 kilometers over 125 days!

The Journal Of Hope Archive

The coordinating team from Maharashtra garlanded Sri M and formally welcomed him into their homestate. Unfurling the new banner in Marathi, they led the procession onwards. Today, the distance to be covered was shorter—16 kilometers from Kagal to Shivaji University on the outskirts of Kolhapur.The walkers were initially accompanied by a fairly large outline of a crescent moon. This faded as the day dawned with the hues of gold, pink and orange that accompanied the sunrise. Proceeding mostly on the highway with heavy traffic today, the sun made its strong presence known. Few clouds presented themselves in stunning rows appearing as if giant fingers had ploughed gently through them. It was fairly hot and humid with the breeze blowing only at intervals as the day progressed. Walking slowly, they reached the outskirts of Kaneriwadi, where they were welcomed by drummers who lead Sri M and the walkers to the Jain Temple. Reaching by 9.15 a.m, this was also their breakfast point. The Jain Temple has hundreds of pigeons flocking for grains, as the temple authorities feed them at regular intervals. They are now so tuned in that they come in flocks at the right time for their meal. Sri M was given a traditional welcome at the temple. An arathi and pada puja followed. Sri M was adorned with a traditional Maharashtrian headgear called a pheta—a large piece of cloth measuring around 3.5 meters—after which he visited the temple and offered prayers. After ‘poha’ and tea, the yatra left the Kaneriwadi Jain Temple to complete the rest of the Walk. The sun, by this time, was scorching and the walking was extremely enervating. The Walk continued till the main entrance to Shivaji University. Then, they boarded the Walk of Hope bus and were taken back to Ravi Rai Cultural Centre, the same place where they rested yesterday. After lunch, they rested for some time and gathered in a large hall for the informal Satsang in the evening. Before the Satsang began, there was a small event where Sri M felicitated the Karnataka coordinators amidst applause for their work from Chitradurga in Karnataka till they reached Maharashtra. “Akhaṇḍa-maṇḍalākāram vyāptam yena carācaram| Tatpadam darśitam yenatasmai śrīgurave namah|| (Which) pervades the entire unbroken form of the circle (of creation), moving and unmoving. To that beautiful and benevolent Guru through whom that state was revealed (to me), salutations. Gurur Brahma Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwara Gurur Sakshat Parabrahma Tasmai Shree Guruvey Namaha The Guru is Brahma(The creator), Lord Vishnu(The preserver, and Lord Shiva (the destroyer) To that very Guru I bow, for He is the Supreme Being, right before my eyes. Loka samasta sukhinoh bhavantu – May the entire universe be happy.” “I shall speak in Hindi. Namaskar to everyone here. We have reached Maharashtra. Sometimes, I say that we should call India a Maha-Rashtra, a great state. This is the land of great saints. Everyone knows thatSantGnaneshwar, and many saints have lived here. There has been Gajanand Maharaj and Shivananda Swami. There is Swami Samartha in Akalkot. This is the land of saints. I am not a ‘kaan-phata’ but I am attached to Natha-Panthis. They are very closely linked to Maharashtra. This link has been there since ancient times. Dattatreya had close links here too.” “We have come, covering some 2100 kilometers to Maharashtra walking all the way. I have not come alone; many padayatris have come with me. I think this yatra is a spiritual yatra; it is not only walking to Srinagar and reaching there in April of 2016, covering some 7000-8000 kilometers. That is only one side of it. The other side and the main aspect is that we should consider this an internal yatra. We should consider this a yagnya, a tapasya. And while walking, clean our hearts.” “And, in this land of many saints, I think it will happen because of their blessings. I will tell you how I am linked to the Nath lineage. If you have read my autobiography, then you will know that Maheshwarnath Babaji was from Nath Sampradaya. And, there was Sri Guru Babaji, whom we cannot link him to any lineage.How can someone place a universal man into any lineage? But Maheshwarnath Babaji was a Nath and he was a ‘kaan-phata’. When he initiated me and gave me the name ‘Madhukarnath’, I also got my ears pierced like they do. When I was going back home, he told me, ‘Do not go to your mother like this. She is already in pain, when you go back, remove this and throw them into the Ganga.” “And the dhuni, it is a very important thing in Nath Sampradaya. I also have been given exemption from that, except on Shivarathri and on Guru Poornima. When we reach Nasik, we will have to light a dhuni. I will be scolded in the night that day if I don’t light the dhuni. So, we have come to this land of Sant Gyaneshwar. I don’t know if you know, some people do, while some people don’t know that Sant Gyaneshwar was also from Nath-Sampradaya. So, we are going to the samadhi of Sant Gyaneshwar, it is a ‘jeev-samadhi’ (a live samadhi). ‘I have written something about him in my autobiography.’” “And, second, I am not talking about politics, these are Shivaji Maharaj’s people. Sadhu and Sant do not mean someone who sleeps all the time or sits for twenty-four hours. Sants and great souls, when they have experiences, they want to share that with others. They do it by many ways. To some, they give instructions to work in politics; to others, they give instructions to work in the spiritual field. To some, they instruct to find solutions to social problems. There are some like Swami Vivekananda, to whom Ramakrishna Paramahamsa gave instructions to work in both fields.” “Atmano mokshartham jagathitaya cha - The liberation of soul and the material world should go hand in hand. Swami Vivekananda created the Ramakrishna Mission with this in mind. Liberation alone will not do. I want to say that whoever, with self-confidence, wants to walk on the spiritual path, wants to go on this yatra, should think about the welfare of this world. One cannot sit and meditate for 24 hours; we all have some Rajasic tendencies, so it is good to do some work. How to work? Work for the welfare of the world. Swami Vivekanada knew this well. He said this to all his guru-bhais, ‘You are not Ramakrishna, you can not meditate 24 hours a day. He was a different thing and we are humans. So what to do? Do ’Daridra-Narayana Seva’.” “It is not that a Yogi does not think of the welfare of the world. And, to go deeper into spiritual matters, this is the way. Two thousand years ago, Arjuna asks Krishna, ‘According to you, who is the greatest yogi, who is the one closest to you?’ One of the things Krishna says is ‘Sarva bhuta hiteh ratah’– ‘The one who has the welfare of all living beings in his heart is my greatest Bhakta’. That is why, in our daily life, we have to pass through many difficulties in this world.We have to meet many people, never think that someone is bad. There is no one who is bad. In every person’s heart, be it a man or a woman, dwells a spark of the Supreme Being.” “This may be known or unknown to the person. There is no one who is bad. If you start to look, there is no one worse than you. Kabir Das says,‘Burajo dekhan main chala, burana milya koi; Jo mann khoja apnaa, to mujhse buranaa koi’.I have done this, I have done that, I am walking on the padayatra - all this bragging should be done away with. There is nothing in our hands. This Walk that we are doing, it happens there so we can walk internally. If people think like this, the whole world will improve and India will also improve. I think if there are 10 people who say that whatever I do, I do it for India and the world, then India will become very strong.” “There are people like that. In India, there will never come a time when such people are not there. In India, there are many saints who are working for India and most of them are unknown. There are more unknown ones than known ones who are working. No one will know them, they have no banners, and they are sitting silently and doing their work. And, they are the greatest. Those we don’t know are the greatest souls. I haven’t said this.But Swami Vivekananda has said this. He said that there are such great beings who do not have egos, who consider themselves smaller than the grass that we walk on. These great Souls say, go forth and work, and because of them we work. We are not the ones who are working; they are the ones who do so. We must think like this.” “Wherever we go during the padayatra, we tell people these things. We say, ‘Do your work, improve your house first and then work for the outside’. Inside every heart, there is the spark of the Supreme Being, the antar atma in every being. Therefore, every human being is a walking temple. If you serve human beings, that is the greatest ‘seva’. There is nothing greater than that. If someone is in pain, try the best to remove that pain. If there is any provocation, do not ever commit violence on others. You can defend yourself. Shivaji Maharaj stood with a sword in hand. But that is not a justification for taking a sword in your hand without doing any ‘seva’. First, serve. The mind should be clear and whatever work you do must be for others and not for yourself. If this settles in your mind, then the small things that you do in your daily life becomea worship and when the mind becomes pure, it takes no effort to meditate. There is no shortcut.” “To improve life, yama-niyamas have to be followed. After that, whether it be Kriya or it be Bhakti, you can do whatever suits you. There are many ways to reach God. People ask me for Kriya and think that one cannot reach through other ways, it is not so. There are people these days who are selling Kriya Yoga. I don’t have anything to sell. Kriya Yoga is not something you can sell. I have nothing. I don’t charge money. So, here you will have to tell the truth. What Kriya did Mirabai do? What Kriya did Ramana Maharishi do? Kriya is my parampara; I will defend it but don’t think it is the only thing”. “Do your duties, do good works, by following simple Truths. One of which is do not commit violence on anyone, do not hurt anyone. Not only physical violence but mental violence too. Sometimes when a person gets a slap, that slap is forgotten. But there is another way of killing – with words. When you call someone mad, that person thinks lifelong that this person called me mad. That is why when you talk to someone, remember three principles. One, what am I saying? Two, to whom am I talking? Three, what is the situation? Sometimes, it is so that I am saying something that is true but the person in front of me is not ready to listen to the truth. So, it is best to keep quiet. Second, it could be that what I am saying might be true, the person maybe ready to receive it but the situation might not be quite right”. “Someone has left home after fighting his wife and you tell him, love your wife. He will say, I just got a beating and have left, what are you saying? So, see the situation. If you understand this, 90% of the problems will be solved. Then, when one lives with peace and joy, it will spread around, and nothing needs to be done. This is so because his mind has become calm. When one’s mind becomes calm and settled, he becomes a magnet. If you place any piece of iron near it, he slowly turns into a magnet too. Why do people go to saints? It is so because they get something. If they don’t speak, then also you get something.” “We, like mad men, are speaking through a microphone. There are saints who do not say anything but sit quietly and still the mind changes, the heart opens. On their own, people become okay. I wanted to tell you all this. I don’t want to speak much. I just said that Kriya Yoga is not that important; please do not think that there is nothing in it. There is something. But, one has to follow yama niyamas and so on. And then, regular practice is required. It is not like you draw the breath up and down a few times and it is finished. Sometimes, I have done Kriya for 4 to 5 hours on Babaji’s instructions. They think that by taking Kriya and breathing in and out 10 times in the morning, it is all done, that one attains the goal. How can that be?” “One must learn to love first, then one must learn how to practice. It is like this. Otherwise, like Kabir says, the blacksmith’s bellows also breathe in and out, it is also doing pranayama, it also breathes but there is nothing there. ‘Pran’ is needed. For that, service is needed. First, this must be done. After that, any Sadhana that is to be done, do that. You can reach through Bhakti. You can also reach through knowledge. It can be reached through many paths. It is not that there is only one formula. If there was such a formula, why would there be 18 chapters in the Gita? Each chapter is a different way to reach the Supreme. But I want to say this that if you are a Jnani or a Yogi or a Kriya Yogi, to clean your mind is the biggest thing. If there is Bhakti, even this is not needed.” “In this padayatra, wherever we go, I say the same things to all the people. Not so that people will come to the padayatra. It will be nice if they do. But because this padayatra is not only a walking journey, it is an internal journey too. Walking like this, we will reach Kailash. For a Yogi, Kailash is here (points toward the crown of his head) and Varanasi is here (points towards the center of the brows on his forehead). If you cannot walk with us continuously, it would be nice even if you can for one day. But, even if that is not possible, you can do an inward walk. There is no religion or caste there. Only what is pure and nice.” “In Rig Veda, it is said ‘Ekam Sat, viprah bahuda vadanti’ – ‘The truth is one, the wise know it by many names’. Do good things, serve other people, purify your mind and move forward. Meditation and everything else, all of it will happen. Some people tell liesfrom morning till evening and want to find the Ultimate Truth, how is that possible? I wanted to explain these things to you.” “When you meet a spiritual teacher, a guru, ask him that through his blessings that may your Bhakti be improved, that may your Dhyana be improved. Not something like‘I have a case pending in court, please do something about that’. There is a lawyer for that. If there is pain in your hands and feet, do not tell me, there is a doctor for that. I am not sitting here for that. Go to a doctor or go to a Hakim. All this happens today. Be aware of these things. The spiritual way is not like that.” “I also want to say that even if you walk with us for one hour, it would be very nice. The work that I am doing is because of Maheshwarnath Babaji. Otherwise, why would I, at 66, walk like a mad man? These people who are with me are walking on faith. So, please understand that there is something here. There is no party here. We are walking together as one, we want to let everyone understand that Manav Ekta is a good thing.” “And this Truth should go out from India. It was not said that let a small section of people be happy. It says,‘Sarve bhavantu sukinaha’. Please understand this. “Thank you.” “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti!” There were about 130 people present including few local people. After Satsang and a relaxed dinner, the padayatris turned in for the night.Tomorrow is a day of rest.


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  1. Ann Shannon says:

    Pranams and love to you … and to all those who walk with you … (and a special greeting of tender love to Agi!!) Thank you for this rich message, with its beautiful reminder of the Walk that our life is, of the journey it is to walk through each day. That is such a transformational way to frame each day, to remember it is part of the much larger, momentous journey of our soul and consciousness. It is so helpful to me,…as I tend to get mired in the mundane.

  2. Well Dressed Beggar says:

    Jai Gurudeva… Jai Maheshwarnath… Jai Kriya Babaji…Jai Sarva Santajana…

  3. Thank you for the wonderful messages. Each day I find a message specifically written for me. Pranam. Pranam.

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