Day 124 | 15 May 2015 | Nipani to Kagal| The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • The rain-water puddle reflects the walkers as they gather momentum on Day 124, Yamagarni, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • 'Tunnel-vision', view from a flyover under-pass, Mangur, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • 3.
  • Breakfast time, Saundalgi, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • 5.
  • Sri M with a precocious youngster who can identify 200 different plant species, Yamagarni, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • The number of miles don't seem to daunt the Padayatris anymore, Yamagarni, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • A veritable bed of Gulmohar flowers, Mangur, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • Time to prepare rotis for breakfast, itinerant shepherd lady, Yamagarni, Belgavi, Karnataka
  • House made of stones, tiled roof, bullock cart and a dish antenna- typical of rural India, Appachiwadi, Belgavi, Karnataka)
  • 'Steaming hot Vada & pav anyone', Kagal, Maharashtra
  • 'Welcome to Maharashtra' as we crossed over, Kagal, Maharashtra
The day started quite early with a morning coffee and the loading of luggage by 4.30 am. The Walk of Hope bus left by 5.00 am so as to reach the starting point in Nipani. From Nipani, they departed under a steel-grey sky. Slowly progressing, they covered the distance in about 7 hours and reached their destination just after noon.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

Many new people from Maharashtra joined the walk today and were evidently enthusiastic about it. Since they were first time participants in this Walk, they jostled for a front-row spot; many others joined in as the padayatra went along. In just a day’s time, the weather has changed from being cool and cloudy to hot, sunny and humid. The morning was overcast with grey clouds and there was a threat of rains but as they went along, it got more and more humid with no respite. The sun gave them blazing company for the last few hours and the walk was particularly taxing. The padayatra proceeded through farmlands and roads lined with trees and plants in full bloom. The Gulmohar trees looked resplendent with red flowers and the petals shed from the trees formed a red carpet along the sides of the road. The recent rains had formed many puddles. The terrain has also been changing; instead of steep inclines, there were more gradual ascents and descents. The roads were without many twists and turns today and from the top of the hills, they could see into the distance for a good 2 kilometers down the road. The Walk of Hope left Nipani and reached Kagal today and technically crossed into Maharashtra. Walking on National Highway #4, the padayatra covered about 21 kilometers. There were many sugarcane fields on the way; the shoots still tender and green. Like in other parts of this region, it is common to see peacocks, especially now that the pre-monsoon showers have set in. The yatris did come across a few people too but mostly it was a silent walk. Now and then, on learning about the Walk of Hope, someone or the other would come up to Sri M and salute him or shake his hand. A young boy who worked at a hotel came up to Sri M today and asked him what he was doing. On being told, he was astounded and looked on in disbelief. He was asked if he would like to walk and he nodded a yes. However, he could walk only a few steps before he turned back to attend to his work. The nature of people seems to change with the land. It is perceptible to those who have been walking for a long time. Perhaps, the nature of the people has something to do with the land, the weather and air. Even the Gods and the places of worship tend to change one’s character. Yet it is very apparent that people everywhere, strive for the same things. Today, both breakfast and lunch were feasts compared to what the padayatris are used to. Breakfast was the last meal the Karnataka crew provided to the padayatris. Special homemade sweets were also offered by a padayatri on the occasion of his daughter doing exceptionally well in her exams. Lunch, again was a feast; it was the first time they got to taste what may be the fare for the next 2.5 months or so in Maharashtra. Reaching the Karnataka - Maharashtra border, there was an un-official welcome by the Maharashtra hosts. Here, Sri M was garlanded before being whisked away to his resting place. The padayatris were transported to BIMAT – Dhananjay Mahadik group of institutions, a college about 10 kilometers away, for lunch and some rest. After lunch at around 2.00 pm, and rest until 5.00 pm, the yatris were transported to Ravi Rai Cultural Centre, their halting point situated about 7 kilometers outside Kolhapur. This establishment is built in the middle of vast farmlands of sugarcane—a quiet and serene place. Men and women were both assigned to large halls. There were some rooms and those were assigned to the senior padayatris. Those who want to replenish supplies from the city would do so the next day since it’s a rest day. This would be their home for the next three days. With no evening program or Satsang scheduled, the yatris relaxed for the rest of the day.

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