Day 102 | 23 April 2015 | Bharamasagara to Anagodu | The Walk of Hope 2015-16

  • Floral tribute to Sri M at Baramsagara, Chitradurga
  • The Walk starts on a cool morning, day 102, Bharmasagara
  • Mahant Sri Rudraswamy joins the Padayatra at Hebbalu, Chitradurga,
  • Tributes to Sri M from all sections of the society, Anagodu
  • Well-wishers contribute their mite at Chitradurga
  • woh-6
  • woh-7
  • Supdt of Police Davengere, joins the walk at Hebbalu
  • Mahant Sri Rudraswamy receives Sri M at his ashram at Chitradurga
  • Sri M & a little bhakta receiving prasad at the Shiva temple
  • Bovine charm at the Gosala at Hebbalu, Chitradurga
  • The sheer joy of a bounteous harvest
  • A caring little guardian on our way.
The padayatra covered about 16 kilometers from Bharamasagara to Anagodu in about 6 hours.The walk is back to its usual strength of not more than 120 people on a given day. There is the core group of about 60 people who have been walking right from Kanyakumari without a break; and then, there is another group of people who stay on for longer durations and leave, and yet another group of people who come and go. The group of 60 is like a classroom; there are many students i.e., the padayatris, there is the teacher (Sri M) and there is a teaching that goes with the walking. In this group, everyone knows everyone else. Somehow, without many words being exchanged, roles of responsibility have emerged and different people have taken these up silently.

The Journal Of Hope Archive

There is someone to hand out flags in the morning and to collect them after the walk. There is someone to tell walkers to walk within the white line on the highway. Someone reads the pledge every morning, another one collects the donations and there is a group that distributes the flyers. All these people, these small groups, work in quiet cohesion together.For all the travails these walkers face, which is something they were all ready for, the unexpected gain from the miles they have put behind seems to be the exuberance of just being on the walk. They feel more purposeful, energetic, and fitter than ever though blisters and other minor problems do trouble them. Acceptance of any situation now seems easier with the mind not craving for a zone of comfort all the time. Life is simpler here, most things have been broken down to its elements and thought now rests on things that should really matter. Questions and doubts still remain but not there is a feeling of continuity in the changing surroundings. The group of walkers had their usual breaks with refreshments on the way. Mahant Sri Rudraswamy of Hebbalu village received Sri M on arrival. They visited the Ashram, the Goshala and the temple there. The Mahant then walked with Sri M and the padayatra for a distance. Many people from the local community greeted Sri M with some of them offering him small contributions towards the mission. Walking on, the yatris touched small hamlets like Yemmehatti, Hunasekatte, Hebbalu and a couple more before they reached their destination point—Anagodu. Walking on the service road again, they avoided the heavy traffic whizzing by. Here they did not meet much people on the way except at points where people from the villages greeted them. The halting point was Anagodu in Davanagere Taluk. There was an unplanned delay of about three hours at the destination and the padayatris waited at this point. It was sweltering and humid and though there were trees that provided enough shade, the wait seemed longer for the tired walkers. At around 3.00 pm, the walkers were transported to Davangere, where men and women were put up in different lodges. It was 4.00 pm by the time the walkers could settle in their rooms. Since there was no other program or Satsang that evening, the yatris spent the rest of the day at leisure.

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