Day 10 |21 Jan 2015 | The Walk of Hope 2015 -16

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Today morning, the group was ready by 5.30 am, so as to take the coach from The New Guest House, Sivagiri for the day’s starting point – Sree Krishna Temple of Attingal.  The group resumed the padayatra at 6.00 am from the temple and reached Kaduvapalli Mosque around 7.45 am. En-route, before reaching the mosque, there was a stop for a reception by local public that included the customary greetings and welcome accorded to Sri M. The Kaduvapalli Mosque is one of the largest mosques in Kerala and is situated in Navaikulam village on National Highway 47.  Sri M received a warm welcome here and he proceeded to spend some time in prayer at the mosque.

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At 8.00 am, the group arrived at Kallambalam to a rousing welcome by the local community. The padayatris had breakfast at the Business Union of Kallambalam.  Starting again, the group had 3 stops en-route for receptions by school children and locals, finally reaching the halting point for the day – New Guest House at Sivagiri. A distance of 19 kms was traversed during the day. The number of walkers ranged from 100 to 150, with people from nearby towns and villages joining in for short distance spans.  Satsangis from other towns too have joined the Walk of Hope for duration of few days, who will later leave to get on with their lives after experiencing the transformative effect of the Walk.  Walkers from Day 1, continuing with their walk, have now acclimatized to the harsh conditions, speeding up the everyday progress. In the afternoon, after lunch and some rest, the padayatris gathered at the Sivagiri temple for the Satsang at 6.00 pm. The deity or prathishta at the Sivagiri Temple is that of the goddess Sree Sarada /Saraswathy—the goddess of knowledge. Sivagiri Sarada Mutt was planned and designed by Sree Narayana Guru. Gurudevan called this temple, which is octagonal in shape, Sarada Mutt. Here unlike in other temples, there is no naivedyam (offering of food to the deity) or abhishekam (pouring oil, ghee and such on the idol). Devotees can worship the goddess by reciting hymns. Around 120 people attended the Satsang with people joining in from the temple community. The temple community sang Bhajans and the padayatris, along with the audience, also joined in. Sri M started his talk at 7.00 pm.  He spoke about dreams – if one dreams one is a king and a ruler, one enjoys the dream but if one has a bad dream or a nightmare, one wakes up, breaking into a sweat, worried.  Dreams are real when one experiences it. Sri M continued that there were four states – waking, sleeping (dream), deep sleep and the fourth state, which goes beyond these – the state of Turiya. The Turiya state is that of a ‘witness’.  One witnesses the process of life going on. To gather one’s senses that naturally tend to go outward and, then, proceed to go inwards is indeed the concept of meditation.  He reiterated that the Walk of Hope is both an inward journey as well as an outward one. He ended his simple and short message with the chanting of OM and observing a few minutes of silence. The group had dinner at 8 pm and retired for the night.


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  1. Intrigued by the selection of topic,thanks for this journal.

  2. Thank you for taking the time out and maintaining this journal it’s such a good way to feel linked to the WOH for those of us who can’t be there. Thank you.

  3. Let the walk inspire people not to identify themselves with the body in which they are residing, let it inspire the thought they dropped into this body from the same source for an insignificant moment of time.

    Let everybody bless the earth to be a peaceful place

  4. N.Ravindranathan says:

    In fact Hope is the motivating force of life on this earth. One can hope for several things. It can be varied and variable.But when that hope is aimed at knowing more about fellow human beings and other existance of life on this land and for their harmony and through that trying to have an experience of the ultimate reality, the endeavour becomes noble and emits the glow of the eternal.

    May Almighty shower his choicest gifts on the walkers of Hope.


  5. Kamal Rajput says:

    Sri M always emphasises that divine spark resides in all of us beyond all boundaries. Master says once you recognise this all differences melt bringing fragrance to all. Walking together in unison is only way to reach that ultimate. Blessings of almighty through this walkathon will reach hearts of humanity to infuse that togetherness we actually posses.
    Prayers for all walkers & Pranam to our Master.

  6. OMJI NATH M .S says:

    Very much innovative and inspiring idea , it will surely bring UNITY IN DIVERSITY

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